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President - Dr. Jose Aybar

Dr. Jose Aybar has demonstrated a results-oriented and collaborative management approach during his nearly twenty years of administrative and academic leadership at community colleges and government institutions across the country.    

Dr. Aybar currently serves as President of Richard J. Daley College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, a position he has held since August 2009. During his tenure at the college, Dr. Aybar has made significant strides in improving student support services, enrollment, the registration process and quality assurance. He has helped develop and implement a major initiative at the campus to increase academic support to students in need of remediation through the innovative Developmental Education Initiative. In 2012, he was accepted into Harvard’s Seminar for Experienced Presidents, a division of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education Programs in Professional Education.       
Dr. Aybar has held a number of administrative positions at City Colleges of Chicago since 2003 and was the first to receive the District award for Administrator of the Year as Associate Vice Chancellor for Arts and Science. In that position, he represented the Chief Academic Officer of the District and developed programs to address quality, uniformity, staff development and credentials.    

Prior to the City Colleges of Chicago, he held management positions at Colorado Mountain College, the James F. Byrnes International Center in South Carolina and the Latin American and Caribbean Basin Scholarship Program for the State of Florida. While working for the state of Florida, President Aybar developed and implemented plans to place economically disadvantaged students from Latin America and the Caribbean in the higher education system.
Dr. Aybar graduated from Shimer College in Chicago, received his M.A. from Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies in California and his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate School.    
Daley College Leadership Team      

Michael Crawford
Dean of Instruction

Helena Craules
Associate Dean of Instruction

Victor Castillo
Dean of Adult Education

Emily FitzMaurice
Associate Dean of Adult Education
Ray Prendergast      
Dean of College to Careers      
Jean Johnson      
Dean of Continuing Education      
Manuel Medina      
Dean of Arturo Velasquez Institute      
Dr. Eduardo Garza
Dean of Student Services

Eileen Lynch      
Associate Dean of Student Services 

Maria Acosta
Associate Dean of Student Services      
Crystal Washington       
Executive Director of Business Services       

Frank Limon      
Director of Security      
Ronald Versetto    
Director of Information Technology