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Create an Academic Plan

​An academic plan is an individualized plan designed to help a student achieve his or her education and, ultimately, career goals. The plan serves as a personal road map to graduation by listing which classes a student should take each term to satisfy all completion requirements needed to earn a degree or certificate. An academic plan can also help a student set a realistic timeline necessary to complete his or her academic program. Your Academic Advisor will assist you in creating an academic plan.

Be Prepared to Discuss the Following Topics with Your Academic Advisor

  • Goals: education, career, and personal
  • Academic plan: which academic plan (major) you should pursue that will best prepare you to succeed. You can check your current academic program by going to>Academics>View My Enrollment History. If your current academic program does not align with your goals, you need to discuss this with your advisor and consider changing your academic program
  • Transfer credits: college credits earned at a non-CCC institution
  • Education plans: do you plan to transfer to continue your education at a four-year institution? Which institutions are of interest? Which degrees and majors interest you?
  • Career plans: what career are you seeking? What will it take to prepare you for success?

How to Prepare

  • Carefully consider the topics listed above
  • Research the Academic Catalog to review academic program options and requirements. Compare any college credits earned at CCC or non-CCC institutions versus the completion requirements listed in the Catalog
  • Research careers

What to Bring

  • Notes you've made during your preparation
  • Transcripts from non-CCC institutions. NOTE: Official transcripts are required to process transfer credit
  • Note paper to take notes during your meeting




​Expect to meet with your Advisor for approximately 20-30 minutes.


​All students should meet with their Advisor at least once per semester, more often if needed.

Take Action

Students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with their Advisor by calling (773) 838-7575, emailing, or by visiting the Advising Office, Room 1111.

Contact Information

(773) 838-7575
(773) 838-7524
7500 S. Pulaski Road
Student Services, Room 1111
Chicago, IL 60652
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