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Office of Academic Resources and Services (OARS)



The Office of Academic Resources and Services (OARS) offers free tutoring services for registered Kennedy-King College students.  Tutors assist students with Science, Math, Reading, Writing, Business/Accounting, Computer Information Science, Spanish, and Latin. Tutoring is designed to assist students who attend class regularly and who are current with their reading assignments in better understanding the materials they are studying.  Students can visit the Tutoring Labs on a walk-in basis Monday through Saturday.  Tutoring is conducted in individual or small group sessions.  Only groups need to make an appointment.   

A Computer Center is also available for student use. The Computer Center is furnished with computers and pay-to-print printers.  Students are encouraged to use these computers to register on-line, complete Financial Aid applications, and complete coursework.  Also available in the Computer Lab is AZTEC, a web-based tutorial support software, for student and instructor use to supplement students learning.  The Aztec content library has lessons that range from remedial through secondary education.  Students have the ability to practice lessons at their own pace and review lessons as needed.  Using this system, students can work independently and at their own pace.  Instructors who wish to schedule a class to use the AZTEC system should contact the Computer Lab at 5198.

Basic knowledge of computer use is required to benefit from our Computer Center facilities.  Students who need to learn basic computer skills can visit the Computer Information Science Tutoring Lab for assistance.  ​ ​




Faculty & Staff

​Name ​Phone Email​ Office​
Melissa Smith (Computer Lab)​ ​(773) 602-5198 ​W255
​Richard Foster (Computer Lab) ​(773) 602-5198 ​W255
​Nicholas Any​anu (Math Lab) (773) 602-5294​ ​Y222
Kymia Jones (Math Lab​) ​(773) 602-5294 ​Y222
Isiaka Oduolo (Math Lab)​ ​(773) 602-5294 ​Y222
Olyer Anderson (Reading Lab)​ ​(773) 602-5197 ​Y108
​Angela Moore (Reading Lab) (773) 602-5197​ ​Y108
Priscilla Rice (Reading Lab)​ (773) 602-5197​​ ​Y108
Leland Jackson (Writing Lab) (773) 602-5371​ W252​
Reginald Hardaway​ (Bus/Comp/Lab) (773) 602-5268​ Y265​
Arthur Lewis​ (Bus/Comp/Lab) (773) 602-5268​​ ​Y265
Renee Matsushima​ (Bus/Comp/Lab) (773) 602-5268​​ ​Y265
Kimberly Kountz​ (Bus/Comp/Lab) (773) 602-5268​​ ​Y265
Listowe Aayarko (Science Lab)​ (773) 602-5495​ Y116​
Neil Miranda (Science Lab)​ (773) 602-5495​ ​Y116
Alicia Russey (Science Lab) ​ (773) 602-5495​ ​Y116
Veronica Torres (Spanish Lab)​ ​(773) 602-5495 ​Y114

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Contact Information

(773) 602-5528 Ext. 5519
6343 South Halsted Street
West Building, W244
Chicago, IL 60621
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Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


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