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Terry Clark and Vera Barkus

Department Chair and Co-Chair
The Communications Department provides a fundamental education in language skills. We recognize that students take courses for enrichment or to transfer to four-year institutions or qualify for employment. We reach out to students with innovative teaching and assessment methods, including instructional technology, peer group learning and evaluation, team teaching, writing across the curriculum, and tutor assisted learning. We emphasize a unique approach to reading, writing and speaking, and prepare our students for the workforce and institutions of higher learning with the ability to read and think critically and analytically.

We offer courses in English, French, Literature, Reading, Spanish and Speech Communications.



Faculty & Staff

​Name ​Phone ​Email ​Office
Vera P. Barkus​ (​773) 602-5223 ​Y178
Brandie Booker​ ​(773) 602-5179 ​Y175
​Fritz Bush ​(773) 602-5178 Y175​
​Pamela Cannamore ​(773) 602-5230 ​Y173
​Terry Clark ​(773) 602-5181 ​Y176
​Giano Cromley ​(773) 602-5180 ​Y177
​Duane Davis ​(773) 487-3781 ​Y174
​Martha Vertreace-Doody ​(773) 602-5182 ​Y177
​Corey Hall ​(773) 602-5228 Y174
​Mariama Hodari ​(773) 602-5300 ​Y179
​Jennifer Howell ​(773) 602-5562 ​Y181
​Rosemary Jackson ​(773) 602-5171 ​Y181
​Meryl L. Junious ​(773) 602-5187 ​Y178
​Heidi Fritz-Mweru ​(773) 602-5186 ​Y173
​Sonia Delgado-Tall ​(773) 602-5224 ​Y179

​Clerical Support Staff


Joanna Johnson ​(773) 602-5176 ​Suite Y174

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Contact Information

(773) 602-5176
(773) 602-5192
6401 South Halsted Street
Y Building Suite Y174
Chicago, IL 60621
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Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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