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Giano Cromley and Sonia Delgado-Tall
Department Chair and Co-Chair
Kennedy-King College’s Communications Department is committed to teaching students how to communicate effectively through reading, writing and speaking, and how to apply those skills to critical thinking tasks. The Communications Department embraces technology to deliver instructional content and to empower its students to compete in the global marketplace. The Department is equally committed to students who seek certification in their respective workforces, and to students who seek to further their education at the four-year and graduate levels.

The Communications Department includes the following disciplines: English, French, Literature, Reading, Spanish and Speech Communications.



Faculty & Staff

​Name Phone ​Email Office
Vera Barkus​ (​773) 602-5223 ​Y-178
Pamela Cannamore ​(773) 602-5230 ​Y-173
​Terry Clark ​(773) 602-5181 ​Y-177
​Giano Cromley ​(773) 602-5180 ​Y-176
​Naima Dawson​ ​(773) 602-5179 ​Y-180
​Sonia Delg​ado-Tall ​(773) 602-5224 ​Y-179
​Heidi Fritz​ ​(773) 602-5186 ​​Y-173
​Clarinda Gipson ​(773) 602-5562 ​Y-181
​Corey Hall ​(773) 602-5228 Y-174
Meryl L. Junious ​(773) 602-5187 ​Y-178
​Rafael Ortiz-Calderon ​(773) 602-5214 ​ ​Y-180
​Stephanie Owen ​(773) 602-5453 ​Y-182
​KyaTonia Reaves ​(773) 602-5193 ​Y182
​Martha Vertreace-Doody ​(773) 602-5182​
​Michelle Yisrael ​(773) 602-5178 ​​Y-175
Staff​​​ ​ ​ ​
​Name ​Phone Email ​Office
​Joanna Johnson ​​(773) 602-5176​ ​Suite Y-171

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Contact Information

(773) 602-5176
6301 South Halsted Street
Y Building, Suite 171
Chicago, IL 60621
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Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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