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Appeal My Satisfactory Academic Progress and Academic Standing Holds

What is AS?     ​

  • AS stands for Academic Standing
  • Academic Standing guidelines apply to all students regardless of financial aid.   

What is SAP?    

  • SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. 
  • ​Federal guidelines define the SAP standards students must meet in order to maintain eligibility to use financial aid funds.    

​​​How can I appeal a SAP or AS hold?              

  1. Review the list of possible circumstances and the suggested documentation needed to claim them.
  2. Submit an ​appeal.
  3. Results of the SAP and/or AS Committee Review will be communicated through your official CCC email account within 15 business days.
  4. If your appeal is approved, you must meet with your academic advisor to develop an Academic Improvement Plan before you can register for classes.
  5. If you have questions, please contact your academic advisor or the financial aid office.

What if I don't remember my CCC username and password?

Please submit a help request.



Measurements that apply to both ​AS and SAP Holds                             

Grade Point Average (GPA)               

Students are required to have a minimum term (semester) GPA above 0.0 and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in order to remain in good standing.            
  • Your GPA may range from 0.0 to a 4.0.  Grades of ‘D’ and ‘F’ severely impact the GPA. The cumulative GPA includes remedial courses as well as college-level courses.
  • Not factored in the GPA:
    • Pass/Fail courses
    • No-Show Withdrawals (NSW)
    • Withdrawals (WTH)
    • Administrative Withdrawals (ADW)
    • Incompletes (I)

Note:  The ‘I’ grade can negatively impact the GPA if it is not resolved by midterm of the following semester (not including the summer term) with a grade of ‘C’ or higher.  If the completed course requirements are not received by the instructor by the deadline, the ‘I’ grade will be converted to an ‘F”.                           

Measurements that apply to only SAP Holds        Timeframe to Complete Degree - Credit Hour Limit (CHL)                  

Financial aid regulations require that students earn enough credits each semester to successfully complete their degree/program within 150% of the length of their academic program.                

Example:    Associate in Arts Degre         

​       ​60hrs X 1.5 = 90 hours to complete degree

  • Once a student has reached 75% of the program’s published length in attempted credit hours, a Timeframe Alert (TFA) indicator will be placed on the student’s academic record to alert the student that he or she is reaching the limit of financial aid eligibility for his or her program.
  • Once a student has attempted 115% of the number of credit hours required for his or her program, an FAH Hold will be placed to prevent further financial aid disbursements until the student successfully appeals the hold.
  • Students can only receive financial aid for up to 30 attempted hours of remedial coursework
  • All accepted transfer hours from other colleges are added to the student’s attempted hours at City Colleges of Chicago. ​ .AS and SAP Status 
PACE – Course Completion Rate
Students must successfully complete at least 67% of all (cumulative) course credit hours that are attempted.  Completion rate is calculated by dividing the number of credit hours the student has attempted into the number he or she has completed.    
  • ​PACE is cumulative in nature and takes into account all hours that you registered for, not just the previous 
  • The following are excluded in the calculation of attempted hours
    • Courses dropped within the refund period
    • Foundational Studies courses​
  • The following are included in the calculation of attempted hours and negatively impact course completion rate:
    • Student-initiated withdrawals (WTH)
    • Administrative withdrawals (ADW) 
    • Incompletes (‘I’)
    • Failing grades
    • Repeated classes
    • Remedial Classes
    • Transfer Credit                       
Warning Students who do not achieve the minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA), and/or PACE, standards will be placed on Academic Warning or Financial Aid Warning (FAW) status. The following applies to students with warning:                               
  • You are strongly recommended to meet with your Advisor to develop a Student Success plan prior to registering for the next term (semester) and to take the necessary steps to prevent an Academic or SAP Hold.
  • ​A student whose GPA or PACE does not reach the minimum standard by the end of the warning term will be placed on Academic Standing Hold (AS) and SAP Hold (FAH) and must submit an Online Appeal.      
Students with a Warning who fail to meet the GPA and/or pace percentage standards, will be placed on an Academic Standing and SAP Hold. Students who:                            
  • ​Receive an Academic Standing hold may not register for classes until their hold is resolved.  
  • Have a SAP Hold are not eligible to use financial aid to pay for their classes. 
Students who successfully appeal their hold are eligible to register for classes and will have their financial aid eligibility reinstated.  It is important to meet with your Advisor throughout the semester to ensure you are on track to good standing.                            

 Academic Dismissal                  
Students become academically dismissed if either of the following conditions are met:                            
  1. ​Appeal of Academic Standing Hold is denied
  2. Failure to achieve the minimum GPA or PACE during the probationary term.   
Academically dismissed students may apply for reinstatement after sitting out one (1) academic term, not including the summer term.                            

Preventing an Academic Standing or SAP Hold             
Students should work with their College Advisor to establish a Student Success plan or attend a Student Success workshop, if available at their college.  The following are recommendations to help prevent an Academic or SAP Hold:                       
  • Achieve and maintain good academic standing (2.00 GPA and higher).
  • Complete and excel in all of your courses (67% percent at minimum).  
  • Make progress toward degree completion. Use the information available to you in your portal to view the progress you are making towards your degree requirements go to and click on Academic Plan.   
  • Abide by the Academic Improvement Plan (AIP)
  • Allow for a minimum of 2 hours of study for every hour you are in the classroom.
  • ​Utilize all available tutoring and academic support services.






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