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Mario Diaz

Associate Dean of Student Services

Meet With an Advisor Today      

Our academic advisors are highly trained professionals who can guide you from your first day as a student to graduation. We encourage you to get to know your advisor and to take advantage of the wide range of services he or she can provide. ​Students can make an appointment with an academic advisor in two ways:​
1) Log into GradesFirst, a web-based student support tool, here. (Unfamiliar with GradesFirst? Watch this short video​​ on how to use it to make an appointment.) 

  1. Effective June 9, 2014 students who would like to enroll in classes for Fall 2014 must schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor in GradesFirst.  Please open the attached job aid and see the instructions on page 5 if you need assistance with scheduling an appointment.  You can also contact the Advising Office at 312-850-7185. 

    Student Guide to Grades First (.pdf)

2) Contact the Advising Office to set up an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor. Contact information is in the right column of this page.   

See our helpful advising tips on how to get the most out of your advising appointment. You should meet with your Advisor at least once each semester, more often if needed.  

See your Advisor if you are:

  • Struggling with your current classes; help is available
  • Unsure about your education or career goals and options
  • Unsure if your academic plan (go to>Academics>View My Enrollment History to see your current academic plan) is aligned with your goals
  • Planning to transfer to a 4-year institution
  • Confused about your academic progress or degree requirements
  • Trying to use credits earned at a non-CCC college or university toward your graduation requirements
  • Looking for an academic plan to help guide you term-by-term and to help you easily register
  • Wanting to get involved in clubs and activities on campus
  • If you have a question about academics, services available to you, or anything else

We can help. Come see us!

Advisors will help you to clarify your education and career goals, create an academic plan, and explore options for a major or career. They will assist with problem-solving, explain academic and financial aid holds, and help with readmission (Satisfactory Academic Progress or SAP), withdrawals, and other academic questions or transactions.   

Services provided by the Advising Office

  • Student Orientation - important information all students need to know (especially for new students)
  • Academic, career and transfer advising - guidance each student needs to succeed
  • Creating an academic plan - your personal term-by-term plan to earn your degree or certificate
  • Registration for classes - so you know which classes you need and what sequence to meet your graduation requirements
  • Processing transfer credits - credits earned at a non-CCC institution that can be used toward program completion
  • Explanation and processing of academic and financial aid holds - Satisfactory Academic Progress or SAP
  • Grading policies - information about issues affecting grades
  • Referrals to campus and community resources
  • Wellness Center referrals
  • Degree audit - review of courses completed toward graduation



Faculty & Staff

Phone​ Email​

Associate Dean of Student Services   

Mario Diaz​ (312) 850-7492

Academic Advisors   

Caress Brown ​ (312) 850-7054 ​
​Micha Bell (312) 850-7003​
Akiza Boddie-Willis​ (312) 850-7084​
David Cruz​ (312) 850-7087​
​Adriana Gonzales (312) 850-7094​
​Brian Hall ​(312) 850-7899
​Omar Juarez ​(312) 850-7239
Whitney Marks​ (312) 850-7057​
Latasha Gibson​ (312) 850-7080​
​Aaron Posey ​(312) 850-7093
Stephanie Ramirez​ (312) 850-7188​
Lewis Rule​ (312) 850-7102​
​Donna Williams ​(312) 850-7091
Michael Magee ​ (312) 850-7149​

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Contact Information

1900 West Van Buren Street
Advising Center, Room 1600-C
Chicago, IL 60612
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Mon.-Wed.: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Saturday: CLOSED


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