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Auxiliary Services

Jessica Holloway


Auxiliary Services provides a wide range of products and services to enhance the educational experience.  We serve a vast and diverse customer base that includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and visitors.  From pencils to mail services, tables to parking, Auxiliary Services strives to accommodate the needs of the community college community.         



Business functions:         


Copy Services         

Asset Tagging         

Printing Services         

Banner Services         

Record Goods Purchased         

Mail Routing/Collection Services         

Interior and Exterior Grounds Cleaning Services         

Specialized Cleaning Services         

Work Order Dispatching         

Event and Conference Services         

Internal and External Space Reservation Services         

Internal Office Move Assistance         

While each business function is dedicated to fulfilling a specific need, the common theme throughout the entire department is providing the highest quality of service and exceeding customer expectations.         



When you're not in class, you'll probably be with us!​         




Faculty & Staff

Department​ Leader​ Telephone​ E-Mail​
Facilities Management ​Janice Mason ​(312) 850-7882
Reprographics (Print Shop)​

Adrian Hill                    

(312) 850-7494/​​​7882                    

​Janitorial Services (Day Shift) ​Brian Rutledge ​(312) 850-7235 ​​
Janitorial Services​ (Night Shift) Gregory Snipes (312) 850-7235​/7230​                  

Janitorial Services (WSLC)​ Jessica Holloway (312) 850-7420​​​​​           

​Mail Room and Central Stores ​Jessica Holloway ​(312) 850-3524

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Contact Information

(773) 709-7094
(312) 850-7018
1900 West Jackson
Room 0214
Chicago, IL 60612
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9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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