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Business Operations - Tuition Reimbursement for Local 1600 Members

What forms do I need?

How to complete the Tuition Reimbursement packet:

  • Complete the Local 1600 Reimbursement Request form
    • This form is completed and approved (i.e., obtain required signatures) prior to the start of class and prior to seeking reimbursement.
  • Gather all required documentation.
    • Signed/Approved Local 1600 Reimbursement Request form
    • Synopsis of class
    • Final grade
    • Proof of payment
      • Copy of cancelled check
      • Credit card receipt or statement
      • Cash receipt
      • Copy of Account Summary from the College or University that shows payment.
  • Submit the completed packet to the Business Office.
    • Submit a completed and approved packet no more than 30 days after the course is completed.


  • Please be aware that the deadline for submission in any given academic year is the last business day of the fiscal year.  More specifically, District Office must receive the Reimbursement Packet by the last business day of the current fiscal year. Exceptions are not made for documents en route.