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Business Operations - Agency Requisition Process

What forms do I need?

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How to complete the Agency Requisition packet:

  • Complete the Requisition form
  • Complete a status check prior to submission.
    • Verify vendor exists within PeopleSoft (PSF) ( 1 )
  • Gather all required documentation.
    • Requisition (include agency account number)
    • Quote
    • Contract
    • Board report
      • If the request has a value greater than $25,000;
      •  If vendor will receive more than $25,000 in a fiscal year via multiple transactions;
      • If the request exceeds the previous board approved amount;
  • Obtain all required signatures.
    • Club President
    • Club Treasurer
    • Advisor
    • Dean/Manager  (if expense is greater than $100) ( 2 )
  • Submit the completed packet to the Business Office.
    • Submit a completed and approved packet at least 30 days before the event.
    • Goods purchased on an emergency bases require an explanation.
  • The business office will create a requisition in PSF, upload pertinent documents, and obtain required signatures (i.e., Executive Director and President).
    • A check will be generated by District office Accounts Payable and sent to campus.
    • Once the goods or services are received, submit your packing slip or receipt to the (3) Business Office to pick up the check.


  • ( 1 ) The end user must verify whether the selected vendor is listed as a current vendor in PSF  system.  If the vendor is not in the system, a vendor application must be completed by the vendor and sent to the Department of Procurement Services for entry. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for entry. 
  • ( 2 ) All request require approval from the club’s leadership and MXC staff (i.e., Advisor or Deans) prior to attending meetings or procuring goods or services.
  • (3) Checks will not be released until proof of services are submitted to the Business Office.