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Business Operations - Employee Expense Reimbursement

What forms do I need?

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How to complete the Employee Expense Reimbursement packet:

  • Complete the Reimbursement Acknowledgement Agreement form.
    • Reimbursement Acknowledgement Agreement is an annual, online submission (i.e., one-time per fiscal year).
  • Complete the Employee Reimbursement Expense form.
    • Be sure to indicate mode of transportation when entering amounts for:
      • CTA Bus/Train,  Greyhound, Mega Bus, Taxi, Amtrak/RTA/Metra Train
    • Be sure to complete the Funding Source Chartfield section of the form.
      • You can obtain the funding source from your Dean or Department Chair.
    • Requests require your Manager’s approval prior to attending meetings or procuring goods or services.
  • Gather all required documentation.
    • All original itemized receipts;
    • When using a Pass (CTA, Metra) include a copy of the pass;
    • Attach official announcement or invitation to meeting or training;
    • Attach synopsis (brief description of meeting or training);
  • Obtain all required signatures.
    • Dean/Manager
  • Submit the completed packet to the Business Office.
    • Submit a completed and approved packet no more than 15 days from the date of last travel or purchase.
    • Goods purchased on an emergency bases require an explanation.


  • The Business Office will obtain the remaining, required signatures from the Executive Director, President and Vice Chancellor’s Office.