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Business Operations - Non-Employee - Visitor Expense Reimbursement Expense

What forms do I need?

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How to complete the Non-Employee/Visitor Expense Reimbursement packet:

  • Complete the Reimbursement Acknowledgement Agreement form.
    • Reimbursement Acknowledgement Agreement is an annual, online submission (i.e., one-time per fiscal year).
  • Complete all remaining forms above.
  • Gather all required documentation.
    • Approved Part I Conference, Seminar or Training Leave Travel Request Form.( 2 )
    • All original, itemized receipts.
    • Airline boarding pass                                    
    • Hotel confirmation( 3 )
    • Conference, Registration /confirmation( 4 )
    • Attach synopsis (brief description of conference, seminar or training)
    • Copy of Driver’s License and Insurance Card if requesting mileage reimbursement.
    • Include Google or Map Quest mileage information( 5 )
      • From home to location (if event start time is the same as your normal start time)
      • From school to location (if leaving work to attend the event)
  • Obtain all required signatures.
    • Dean/Manager
    • Vice Chancellor (only if you exceed 10% of the total estimated expenses requested on Part I)
  • Submit the completed packet to the Business Office( 6 )
    • Submit a completed and approved packet no more than 30 days after the event.


  • ( 1 )Submit this form if requesting mileage.
  • ( 2 )This form must be completed and approved at least 45 days before the event.
  • ( 3 )  &  ( 4 )Even if conference or hotel has been pre-paid you must still include your boarding pass and registration confirmations.
  • ( 5 )Per district policy, do not include the first or last mile when calculating mileage (i.e., deduct 2 miles from the total mileage driven for the trip).
  • ( 6 )The Business Office will obtain the remaining, required signatures from the Executive Director, President and Vice Chancellor’s Office.
  • The person seeking reimbursement  must be listed as an approved vendor in the system. If not, the non-employee/visitor must complete a vendor form. The form should be signed by the Executive Director before faxing to procurement Services at 312-553-2594. This should be done before seeking reimbursement.