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Health Sciences and Career Programs

Amy Gray, MD, Med & Roy Walker, M.S.

Associate Deans, Health Science & Career Programs

Health Science

The Associate in Applied Science degree prepares the student for career entry immediately upon completion and applicable licensure or certification examination. Some four-year colleges and universities will take college work pursued for an A.A.S. Degree toward similar majors of concentration.              
Skills Acquired             
Emphasis in the Associate in Applied Science Degree program is placed on specialized skills that prepare the individual for employment at the professional/technical level. The programs require the successful completion of all major courses with a minimum of a "C" (2.00) grade.  
All courses submitted for graduation must be numbered 101 or higher. Students transferring to Malcolm X College from other colleges must complete the last 15 semester hours of required course work in residence at Malcolm X College in order to be eligible to receive an Associate in Applied Science degree. In addition, the School Code of Illinois states that students planning to graduate from Malcolm X College must receive a passing grade on an examination of the Constitution of the State of Illinois, the code of the American Flag and the Declaration of Independence. This requirement also can be met by an official transcript or GED Score Report verifying successful completion of this examination. The completion of Political Science 201 or History 111, with a grade of "C" or higher, will meet this requirement.            
Eighteen (18) semester hours must be distributed among the General Education areas of communication skills, consumer education, natural sciences, and sociocultural studies. The general education component enables students to understand and appreciate their culture and environment, develop a system of personal values that lead to civic and social responsibility, and to attain skills in communication, computation, and critical thinking necessary for future growth as learners and productive members of society. ​            


Advanced Massage Therapy
Computer Information Systems
Medical Billing
Medical Coding
Patient Care Technician

Faculty & Staff

Roy Walker, M.S.
Associate Dean, Health Science & Career Programs
(312) 850-3532

Amy Gray, MD, Med
Associate Dean, Health Science & Career Programs 
(312) 850-7204

Karen Scott
Department Chair, Health Science & Career Programs
(312) 850-7215

Pamela Nugent
Department Chair, Health Science & Career Programs

Jacqueline Bell-Smith
Administrative Assistant, Health Science & Career Programs
(312) 850-7181
(312) 850-4500 (f)

Princess Phillips
Administrative Assistant, Health Science & Career Programs
(312) 850-7145
(312) 850-7349 (f)

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