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Nursing Department

Dr. James Rice

Interim Dean of Nursing
The AAS Nursing Degree Program is a 2-year, 69-credit hour program to prepare graduates for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam. The Practical Nursing Advanced Certificate Program is a 3-semester, 49 credit hour program to prepare graduates for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam.         

City Colleges of Chicago is pleased to announce two program changes.

  1. Eligible students may apply to the Practical Nursing program and the AAS program throughout the year.
  2. The AAS program will admit students twice a year—fall and spring semesters. The PN program and the LPN Bridge pathway admission will admit once a year.

Additional Information:

  • Acceptance into the City Colleges of Chicago School of Nursing (CCCSON) is competitive and requires prior admission to CCC.
  • Nursing pre-requisites can be completed at any one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago​ or an accredited institution.
  • Review the "Nursing Student Handbook" link in the "Nursing Resources" section of this page to obtain a better understanding of the time commitment, academic, and functional expectations if extended acceptance into the CCCSON Program.
  • Applicants must take the ATI exam at one of the City Colleges of Chicago locations for the scores to be taken into consideration for the CCC Nursing application.
  • Students completing pre-requisite courses may apply for admission.
  • LPN Bridge Program students must complete the application process by the end of the spring semester. Accepted students must self-enroll for Nursing 140 which begins during the summer session.
  • Students completing the final pre-requisite requirement of BNA during the fall 2017 semester may apply for spring 2018 AAS nursing program. CNA certification must be attained prior to the end of the spring 2018 semester. Students will not progress in the nursing program if this condition is not met.

How to Apply

Complete the A.A.S. Degree in Nursing online application (available September 2017).                                                                                                    
Complete the Practical Nursing online application (available September 2017).                                                        


The program is affiliated with various hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other community agencies. Program affiliates offer students the supervised clinical learning experiences in medical-surgical, mental health, maternal-child, pediatrics, and gerontological nursing. The curriculum is designed to prepare the student for employment in a variety of settings.                                                                 


Students who want to pursue a nursing career should have a sincere desire to work with people and be empathetic to their needs. Becoming a nursing professional is rigorous, but most nurses derive considerable satisfaction from knowing that their work contributes directly to the well-being of others.                                                                   


The Commission affirmed the continuing accreditation and changed the accreditation status to continuing accreditation with conditions  after a focused visit to the following programs:                                                                                    
  • City Colleges of Chicago at Malcolm X College (Associate) Chicago, IL following the consolidation of the City Colleges of Chicago nursing programs
For more information on the status and/or findings, visit                      
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing            
3343 Peachtree Road NE            
Suite 850            
Atlanta, Georgia            

Faculty & Staff


Name Title Phone Email
Dr. James Rice, DNP,RN, FNP-BC  Interim Dean, Nursing (312) 850-7159
Dr.Linda Brown-Aldridge, DNP, RN  Interim Associate Dean (312) 850-7187
Rhonda Phillips, MSN, CNS, RN Associate Dean (312) 850-7387
Dr. Yolanda Harper Morris, DNP, RN Department Chair (312) 850-7245
Lorraine Cross, MS Nursing Support Spec. (312) 850-7195
Collins, Lorita, MSN, RN BNA Coordinator (312) 850-4639
Faculty & Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Abdullah, Rashidah, MSN, APN, CNM Instructor (312) 850-7151
Allen, Donna, MSN, RN, ANP Instructor (312) 850-7155
Arrington, Yvonne, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7165
Burt, Jean, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7179
Carrarini, Roy, MSN, RN, APN-CRRN Assistant Professor (312) 850-7289
Dade, Angela, MSN, RN, ANP-C Assistant Professor (312) 850-7132
Davis, Dr. Brenda, DNP, MSN, RN, 
Assistant Professor (312) 850-7392
Diaz-Boylan, Maricruz, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7199
Duyungan, Imelda, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7203
Elkins, Rubie, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7343
Elutilo, Olugbenga, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7209
Evans-Garner, Narsis MSN, RN Assistant Professor (312) 850-7218
Folker-Maglaya, Dr. Catherine, DNP,
Associate Professor (312) 850-7220
Hai, Asra, MSN, RN Assistant Professor (312) 850-3528
Harmon, Loretta, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7240
Huda, Shamin, MSN, RN, FNP-BC Assistant Professor (312) 850-7265
Jahn, Deborah, MS, RN Instructor (312) 850-7474
Jones, Brenda, MSN, RN,
Associate Professor (312) 850-4585
Kipnis, Nancy, MSN, RN, CNE Assistant Professor (312) 850-7283
Lewis, Letasha, MSN, RN, FNP-C Instructor (312) 850-7321
McGhee, Greta, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7293
Mensah, Kathy, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7308
Montero, Ines, MSN, RN Assistant Professor (312) 850-7309
Neal, Susan, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-3533
Peer, Virginia, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7353
Piltawer, Jennifer, MSN, RN,
Instructor (312) 850-7268
Preston, Maria, MSN, RN Assistant Professor (312) 850-7359
Rufus, Tanisha, MSN, RN Assistant Professor (312) 850-7380
Sanders, Renita, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7280
Scott-Brand, Tammy, MSN, RN Assistant Professor (312) 850-4584
Soberano, Mary Rose, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7413
Stevens, Sondae, MSN, RN, CNE Assistant Professor (312) 850-7415
Thomas, Dr. Carla, DNP,
Assistant Professor (312) 850-7130
Wilson, Dr. Dawn, DNP, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7461
Wyatt, Debra, MSN, RN Instructor (312) 850-7468
Zimmermann, Polly, MSN, RN Associate Professor (312) 850-7408
Nursing Staff      
Name Title Phone Email
Adams-Moore, Patricia, RN Nursing Tutor (312) 850-7367
Arnold, Sylvia Coordinator (312) 850-3543
Deck, Sheryl, BSN, RN Nursing Lab Coordinator (312) 850-7048
Scott, Toni ,MSN, RN  Clinical Coordinator (312)850-7200
Green, Amy, MSN, RN Clinical Coordinator (312) 850-8054
Harris,-Ward, Vanisha College Admin Ass. I (312) 850-7251
Johnson Shannon, BSN, RN Nursing Lab Coordinator (312) 850-7367
McLaughlin, Mary, BSN,RN Nursing Lab Coordinator
Nicholson, Sharon, MSN, RN Director-Clinical Education (312) 850-7192
Okhilua, Dr. ​​Daniel, DNP, RN Nursing Lab Manager (312) 850-7367
Paone, Patricia, MSN, APN, CNP Nursing Education Specialist (312) 850-4571
Robinson, Jerri, MSN, RN, MPA Nursing Education Specialist (312) 850-7369
Roldan, Magaly College Clerical Ass. II (312) 850-7376
Witherspoon, Eugenia College Clerical Ass. II (312) 850-7182
Zavala, Gabriela College Clerical Ass. II (312) 850-7470
Hernandez, Angel, MSN, FNP-BC Nursing Tutor (312) 850-7367
McCree, Phyllis, MSN, RN Nursing Education Specialist (312) 850-7388

Nursing Department
Phone: (312) 850-7159
Fax:     (312) 850-7208​​​​​​​​​​​

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