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Malcolm X College Tutoring Services offers free tutoring and academic support services to assist students in achieving personal and academic success. Tutors are available in a wide variety of subjects to assist students through one-on-one and group tutoring sessions. We encourage any student to seek tutoring to gain a deeper comprehension of course content and to enhance learning development.

Top Ten Reasons Students Should Seek Tutoring:
  1. Helps to improve failing or declining grades
  2. Builds confidence and self esteem
  3. Teaches students how to overcome test anxiety
  4. Provides enrichment for the successful student
  5. Teaches organizational skills
  6. Reduces frustration with a particular subject
  7. Prepares students for standardized testing and improves success
  8. Establishes a good foundation for early learners struggling with key concepts
  9. Helps with common core standards and teaches students new learning techniques
  10. Reduces the struggle with homework 

We now offer only ‘Drop In’ tutoring services for your convenience.  Simply visit our Front Desk in Room 2301 and let us know what subject you would like tutoring for.  Our Front Desk Associates will then set you up with the next available tutor…it is that easy!  See our Tutoring Chalboard for subject and time availability below.

  1. What Tutors and Students can accomplish together.
    We are happy to assist you with study prep, note taking, brainstorming and final revisions.  Tutoring sessions are limited to one hour.  It is important to remember that tutoring services can also be utilized early in the semester as well.
  2. Come prepared to tutoring sessions.
    Bring any relevant textbooks, syllabi, class materials, notes, and papers.  It is easier for the tutors to provide excellent tutoring service if students bring the appropriate materials to a tutoring session.  Additionally, it is important for your tutor to refer back to any relevant materials provided by your instructor.
  3. Read your textbook and any relevant material provided by your instructor.
    In order to understand the course material it is essential to read assigned pages from the textbook.  Additionally, the tutors can provide students with greater assistance when the student have read the appropriate material(s).
  4. Come with a plan and questions.
    Know what material you would like to cover within a tutoring session.  Actively participate in the tutoring session by having a list of questions to ask your assigned tutor.
  5. Tutors can only help with homework concepts and assignments.
    We strongly encourage students to make an attempt at completing their assignment prior to requesting a tutor so students can take note of the specific concepts with which they want help.  You and your tutor can review these concepts and work through similar problems.  However, the tutor cannot do your homework for you nor help you with take home tests, quizzes, or projects.
  6. Please be respectful, thank you!
    Your time with the tutor is valuable. Please do not talk on your cell phone or cause distractions while working with your assigned tutor.

Please take the time to visit the following student success links for insight as to how to become a better student outside of tutoring:   


Placement Test Prep:
In addition to course content tutoring, we also offer tutoring for incoming students to prepare them to take the Placement Test. Students can make tutoring appointments for any of the three disciplines covered in the exam:




Faculty & Staff

Academic Support Services Staff

Eric Annala, Director of Academic Support Services
Phone:  (312) 850-7469
Office:  2302

Stephanie Bens, Coordinator II of Academic Support Services
Phone:  (312) 850-7880
Office:  2301-001

How to find us:
We are located just off the back end of the Library on the 2nd floor in Room 2301.


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Contact Information

(312) 850-7473
1900 West Jackson Blvd.
Room 2301
Chicago, IL 60612
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Mon-Thurs   8:00a.m.-8:00p.m.
Friday         8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
Saturday     9:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

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