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Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences Department encompasses the disciplines of anatomy and physiology, molecular and cellular biology, and microbiology, as well as related sub-disciplines such as ecology and evolution, medical terminology, nutrition, and genetics.

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​General Business is the study of basic business administration which can lead to employment in management positions in business, industry or government such as accounting, economics, finance, labor economics, marketing, and personnel management.​

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Chemistry and Physics

The Department of Physics and Chemistry encompasses courses in the fields of physics, chemistry, and general physical sciences. We offer courses serving as prerequisites for Allied Health Programs, as well as fully transferrable credit courses.

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Child Development

The mission of the Malcolm X College Child Development Program is to prepare students of diverse backgrounds and abilities with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to foster developmentally appropriate experiences for young children.

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English Department – Writing, Reading, Literature

Written communication encompasses the disciplines of English, Reading, Literature.

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Health Sciences and Career Programs

As the designated healthcare hub for City Colleges of Chicago, Malcolm X College is at the forefront of meeting the growing need for healthcare professionals. Malcolm X College offers an array of Health Science Programs.

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Humanities Department

We are an interdisciplinary department that emphasizes the study of society, ideas, communication, and cultures through various languages.

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The Math Department welcomes students at all levels of mathematical background. We work to develop their math skills, problem-solving abilities, and an appreciation for the beauty of mathematics in the world around us.

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Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department empowers students to become life-long learners and critical thinkers by developing their analytical skills, teaching from a global perspective and promoting creative problem-solving skills.

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Speech & Fine Arts

The Department of Speech & Fine Arts curriculum serves students with courses that are transferable.