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Natural Sciences (Physical Sciences)

Cornelia Forrester

Our mission is to provide a high quality education that will enable students to investigate how the physical world functions through systematic observation, experimentation, and analysis.  In analyzing the physical world, they will be able to understand the laws, principles, and theories useful in explaining natural phenomena, and in guiding further scientific study.  By providing an in-depth education in the physical sciences, our students will be able to compete successfully both in any four-year institution and in the global economy. 

Our purpose is to cultivate scientific thinking in our students and enable them to:
  1. Raise vital scientific questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely.
  2. Gather and assess relevant scientific data and information, using abstract ideas to interpret them effectively.
  3. Come to well-reasoned scientific conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards.
  4. Think open-mindedly within convergent systems of scientific thought, recognizing and assessing assumptions, implications, and practical consequences.
  5. Communicate effectively with others in proposing solutions to relatively complex scientific problems.



Faculty & Staff

​Faculty Member ​Discipline ​Room Location Phone number​ email​
​Shadi Assaf M.S. Chemistry​ ​3111 ​773-291-6714 ​
​Cornelia Forrester M.S. ​Chemistry ​3109 ​773-291-6487 ​
​Daniel Russ M.S. ​Physics ​3128 ​773-291-6526 ​
​Rajasheree Sen Ph.D. ​Chemistry ​3227 ​773-291-6547 ​
​David Zoller Ph.D. ​Physics ​3110 ​773-291-6540 ​

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We offer courses in :            

Chemistry (121, 201, 203, 205, 207), Physics (221, 222, 235, 236, 237) and Physical Sciences (107, 111)             

Contact Information

(773) 291-6544
10001 S. Woodlawn Ave., Suite 3324
Chicago, IL 60628
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