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Student Government Association


The Student Government Association (SGA) provides a forum for the open exchange of views and ideas on matters of importance to students.  The SGA defends students’ rights, advocates on behalf of students, and helps to formulate academic and institutional policies that affect students.  It governs student clubs, groups and organizations and provides funding via its SGA annual budget allocation from the City Colleges of Chicago.  Finally, the SGA plans and sponsors social and cultural events throughout the academic year.           


The SGA is governed by the Guidelines for the Organization and Operation of Student Government AssociationsAcademic & Student Policy, and the Board Policies and Procedures for Management and Government.                                         

SGA Officers

SGA is open to all City Colleges of Chicago students currently enrolled in credit courses, iincluding students enrolled in Pre-Credit classes.  SGA officers are students elected as representatives by the student body. Officers are advised by their appointed advisor and the Associate Dean of Student Services (or designee). SGA officers must maintain a minimum of 6 credit hours with a cummulative grade point average of 2.75 and 2.5 for Senators. Elections for SGA officers and senators occur annually during the spring semester. The SGA offers a great opportunity for students to develop or enhance their leadership skills.                             

General Membership

Membership is open to students that are in good academic standing, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.  If interested in joining SGA visit room L426 and speak with and SGA officer who can give you instructions on how you can lead, and where to start or email the Student Activities Director for more information.  There are plenty of different committees within SGA for any student to find their area of interest.                          

Get Involved!

Your SGA officers encourage students to get involved. If you have ideas that can benefit students or concerns, please contact one of your SGA officers.  Office L115 within L426.                    ​​                     



Faculty & Staff

Related Services

​​Officer Name Title Email Telephone
Joseph Lugo President 

​(773) 291-6337
Robyn Underwood Vice President         

(773) 291-6337
Douglas Graves Secretary 

(773) 291-6337
Christina Butler  Treasurer ​

​(773) 291-6337


SGA Advisor​​ ​ ​
Mel Anderson (773) 291-6365 
Administrator ​Title Email​ ​ Telephone​
Michelle Adams Dean of Student Services
​(773) 291-6211​

Contact Information

​ (773) 291-6337
10001 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Room L426
Chicago, IL 60628
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Student Government Association                                  

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