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Academic Support: Tutoring @ Truman

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    any credit course.                   any credit course.                 any credit course.





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                 conversational English  


Scheduling an Appointment                           

  • You may make an appointment
    • By visiting a center in person;
    • By calling;
    • By visiting us online at

Ø  The Academic Support Centers take appointments for students in developmental classes, but normally works on a drop-in basis. Stop by any time!      

  • For each session you should bring:
    • Your student ID
    • Your assignment instructions
    • Any important comments or handouts from your teacher
    • An idea of what you want to work on
  • Computers and printers are available for use during your sessions.
  • PowerShots, our series of one-hour workshops, provide you with extra writing-skill and reading-skill practice outside of class.
    • No appointments are necessary. Just bring your student ID to the front desk at the time of the PowerShot to register.
  • Each appointment is 50 minutes, and starts on the hour.
  • You can schedule 1 appointment per day, and 2 per week.
  • You can schedule appointments up to 2 weeks from the current date.


No-Show Policy: If you are five minutes late to your appointment, your time may be given to another student. If you are going to miss an appointment, please call us to cancel.          


Walk-In Policy: We take walk-ins, if consultants are available. Otherwise, if a student is five minutes late to their appointment, we will take a walk-in in their place.       


How To Make the Most Of Your Visit To an Academic Support Center           

  • Be prepared to tell your consultant what you would like to work on.
  • Be an active participant. Active communication helps generate new ideas.
  • Have an open mind. Learning is a process. It doesn't always go the way we plan, and we have to be open to that.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you need to work on makes it easier for you to improve.

The more you visit, the more you'll improve. Learning takes time and effort. Allow your skills time to develop.