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Diversity and Inclusion Committee - Training and Events

Truman College Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Professor Olga Ruiz, M.S., M.Div., Committee Chair
Music 121 DE - Duke Ellington's Black, Brown and Beige
Spring 2018
This course, developed through the Curriculum Subcommittee of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, will allow students to explore the rich cultural landmark that is Duke Ellington's Black, Brown and Beige in time for its 75th anniversary. The class will lead to a performance inspired by the piece, to be held in Truman College's O'Rourke Theatre in April 2018.
 Music 121 DE - Duke.jpg
Microaggressions Workshop
March 2017
This event provided useful definitions for understanding and identifying the phenomenon of microaggressions, discussed where and when microaggressions present themselves on campus, and looked at ways to address microaggressions.
 Microaggressions Workshop.jpg
Inclusion and Disability Awareness Training
March 2017
This training, presented by JJs List in conjunction with the Disiability Access Center and Diversity and Inclusion Committee, used interactive activites to help participants develop ways to better communicate and understand individuals who have disabilities.
Disability Awareness Training.png 
Community Navigator Training
March 2017
This training provided information to campus faculty and staff about how best to help students who are immigrants find resources and assistance in the community should they need it.
Community Navigator Training.png

Assissting Immigrant Students
January 2017
Presented by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), this presentation provided information to faculty and staff about information regarding the rights of immigrants and other citizens have in this country.
Immigration Rights Workshop January 2017.jpg 
Town Hall: Our Voice, Our Future, Our Actions  
November 2016  
An open discussion presented in conjunction​ with our Wellness Committee where students and staff discussed the most recent presidential election and ways to move forward. 
Our Voice png.png   
Seminar: Handicap This!
October 2016
A live, two-person show starring Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach that fosters disability awareness and supportive community
Handicap this png.png   

Orientation: Truman College Cosmetology Department
August 2016
A brief presentation to students, faculty, and staff in the Cosmetology Department about the work of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Seminar: A Conversation on Mental Health
February 2016
An open discussion on mental health hosted by licensed practitioners and co-sponsored by our Wellness Center
Mental Health png.png   
Seminar: Identity is for Everyone
November 2015
A campus-wide seminar on transgender issues offered by The Women’s Health Center 

Seminar: What Is Gender Neutral?
November 2014
A symposium educating students on gender identity in service of creating a culture of inclusivity on campus

Roundtable: Diversity & Inclusion Committee
August 2014
A roundtable discussion at Truman’s Faculty Development Week that launched the Diversity & Inclusion Committee  
Music 121 DE - Duke Ellington.jpg

Music 121 DE - Duke Ellington.jpg




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