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Great class! I have no regrets taking this class because it definitely shaped me up into a success-oriented college student. FA17    

This class was one of my favorite ones. It was a fun class, learned a lot about what it takes to be successful and also about college. This class helped a lot.  FA17    

I really like what I have learned in this class. From different culture to education system and my background, I never been taught to express my feelings and my thoughts. I have never seen my goal this clearly. So I have learned a lot from this class [I] feel welcome and comfortable to reach out to her whenever I have questions. FA17    

I liked his energy.  He makes stuff interesting.  I had a lot of fun.   FA17    

I really enjoyed this class, learned a lot. Thanks.  SP17    

Of all my classes this class and this teacher make the biggest impact on not only me still discovering but in accessing blackboard, efficiency and making me even know to be a better student overall.SP17    

Professor should let students know what to put or not put in the portfolio such as whether assignment instructions is needed. SP17    

The portfolio assignment helped me to be understanding. SP17    

You have been nothing but helpful and empowering throughout the semester. I wish you nothing but the best of luck for any and all future endeavors.  SP17    

This class has been wonderful. This has been my earliest class and it has been my favorite by far. Thank you for all you do. The assignments were fun and it got me to be more social. Even the videos you showed were great. You introduced me to TED talks and now i find myself looking them up more of the time. If you taught another class, i would take it. Thank you for everything. P.S. Thanks for being the only teacher his semester that updated blackboard, had our grades in early and actually emailed us back. SP17  

It was easy and straightforward. Instructions were clear. Thanks for the extra time. SP17    

I am so thankful for my teacher.  SP17    

Great class! I have no regrets taking this class because it definitely shaped me up into a success-oriented college student. SP17    

I want to thank Mrs. Ayala for being an awesome and well detailed teacher. I felt very prepared for my portfolio because she helped every step of the way. I learned so much about staying organized, motivated and getting things done on time. SP17    

I like doing the final portfolio for this class.  SP17    

Portfolio assignments helped me understand better college and myself and I am glad I took this class before I start taking more classes. Thank you so much. This class was very interesting. It was a good experience how to work in the class. The portfolio assignments are very helpful to me and helped me understand how to be successful. Thanks a lot. SP17    



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