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Truman Math Center & CIS Lab

Mark Carter
We are an academic support group that offers a comprehensive list of resources to help students succeed in their mathematics courses and studies. Among such offered resources include tutoring staff composed of adjunct instructors and accomplished students. Additionally, the staff provide workshops on a variety of topics suggested and led by students/faculty/staff. These workshops are typically organized according to class and course level and are ultimately to serve students needs.​
The Math Center consists of computers for online homework, calculators, and textbooks aligned with courses. Students may borrow textbooks and calculators for use on site.                                

Tutoring at the Math Center                                
  • ​Any CCC student in any mathematics course level- from Foundational Studies to Ordinary Differentail Equations- may walk in for help. This is a drop-in space.
  • An hour long one-on-ones appointments for developmental level students (FS,90,98,99). Students thus served can book up to two appointments per week.
  • The platform the Center prefers and urges is group study, featuring students engaged with common problems, guided by staff.

Newst Addition to the Family                    
As of 2018, we are also proud to be hosts to the CIS Lab. Provisioned with some of out finest CIS and Business faculty and staff, we have no doubt that our CIS Lab will help our center shine ever the brighter.
Similar to the Math Center, we offer CIS and Business students their needed resources such as computers and text books to be used on site.                   
Tutoring at the CIS Lab                    
  • Any CCC student taking CIS and/or Business classes.​ 
  • Assitance in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Acces).
  • Any CCC taking a college credit course in need of  general computer help.
  • An hour long one-on-one appointments for students taking business 111, 181, and 182. Students thus served can book up to two appointments per week.
  • Assistance with MLA fomatting for research papers, charts & graphs, and presentations.      
We expect students to share the open space of the Math Center and CIS Lab with all who enter. You will work and learn with and among your peers. The Center staff moves freely about, offering help when asked for about twenty minutes at a time (walk-in bais​), in focused mini-sessions. The Center welcomes you to its mathematics commons. We are confident you'll enjoy the experience and contribute to it.                                
Pre-Semester Workshops
​​Before the semester begins, the Math Center hosts workshops to prepare students for their perspective courses.
Math students enrolled in matth 99, 140, 141, 143, and 207 can attend said workshops to be better prepared for
their respective courses. Each workshop is an hour long session, and content will vary from day to day.

Special Events                     
In spirit of competition and mental exercise, the Math Center will be regularly hosting special events and or                     
promotions. For example, in the 2016 spring term, the Math Center raffled off a TI-84 graphing calculator with all                    
the trimmings. Currently we offer prizes for students that participate in the Math Center Contest and Challenge                    
Problem of the Week. For more information, please visit the Math Center & CIS Lab.                    

So stay tuned for future events hosted by The Truman Math Center.                          
Online Resources                                                                                                  
Below are links to free online resources which can help you succeed in in your math journey:                                                   
Math Worksheets​ - Worksheets from the Truman Math Center (many from Prof Hidegkuti's website​)                              
Desmos Graphing Calculator - A great resource for graphing functions                                                                     Khan Academy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ - Video lessons that cover most of the mathematic spectrum and other subjects                                                            




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