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Student Success & Leadership Institute


To accomplish its mission, the Student Success & Leadership Institute (SSLI) provides a wide range of support services and tools for student use.

SSLI Services

  • New Student Orientation - Required of all new students, New Student Orientation provides an opportunity to learn about Truman's programs and services, meet students and staff, receive placement test scores, and register for classes. See an SSLI team member for times and dates.
  • Academic Skills Seminars - The SSLI provides the following academic skills seminars: Test Taking/Study Skills, Overcoming Procrastination, and Time Management. See an SSLI staff member to sign-up.
  • Student Ambassador Program - The goals of the Student Ambassador Program are to provide supplemental instruction and to help students improve academically by providing peer tutoring and mentoring. Students may sign up for appointments at the front desk of the SSLI or by calling (773) 907-4737.
  • Early Alert Program -The Early Alert Program is a tool designed to allow instructors to identify students who are having difficulties in class or who may need extra help to improve their academic performance. The goal of the Early Alert Program is to help students succeed academically. Please see an SSLI team member for more information.
  • Disability Access Center (DAC) - The purpose of the Disability Access Center is to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities and assist them in developing new ways to achieve their academic and personal goals.
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) - The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federally funded program that offers job training, adult education, vocational rehabilitation and employment services to qualified adults and youth. The main objective is to help people receive employment training in specific fields that will lead individuals successfully into the workforce. Individuals interested in WIA services must meet financial and non-financial eligibility and suitability criteria. For more information, students may speak with Kimberly Dismuke in the SSLI.
  • Transfer Resources - In addition to sponsoring a Transfer Expo during each fall and spring semester every year, the SSLI also provides college planning workshops. Pleas see an SSLI team member for more information
  • Student Support Services-TRiO - TRiO, a federally funded grant program, helps students build social networks, provides mentoring, facilitates successful transfer to four-year universities, and empowers students to succeed in college and beyond. For more information please speak with Roberto Valadez, Director of Student Support Services-TRiO in the SSLI.
  • Transitional Bilingual Learning Community (TBLC) - The TBLC program is a two-semester, full-time college credit initiative. The TBLC offers Latino students who are learning English an opportunity to earn more college credits than are usually available to them in a traditional program. For more information please contact Carlos Martin in the SSLI.
  • Academic Holds - SSLI staff members handle the appeals process for students with academic and/or financial aid holds. 



Faculty & Staff

Name & Title Phone ​ ​Email
Roberto C. Valadez, Director of Student Services-TRiO​ ​(773) 907-4784
​Matt Ciavarella, Asst. Director of Student Development Projects (773) 907-4727​
Beverly Harris, College Advisor​ ​(773) 907-4760
Nan Sullivan, College Advisor ​(773) 907-4721
Ashanta Wellington, College Advisor​ ​(773) 907-4712
Katie Skwarski, College Advisor ​(773) 907-5095
Alyssa Turner Cairns, College Advisor​ (773) 907-4713​
Tiffany Lindquist, Staff Assistant ​(773) 907-4749
Shari Hardwick, Retention Specialist​ ​(773) 907-4706
Carlos Martin-Llamazares, College Advisor /TBLC Coordinator ​(773) 907-4780
Bernie Weekes, College Advisor (773) 907-4493
LaKecia Dudley-Jenkins, TRIO Student Services Specialist ​(773) 907-4494​ 
Danubia Guerra, Program Assistant-TRiO​ ​(773) 907-4797
John Ngugi, Case Worker (773) 907-4720​
Anthony Johnston, Tutoring Center​ Coordinator (773) 907-4790​
Linda Ford, Director, Disability Access Center (773) 907-4725​
Floriece Franklin, Coordinator (773)​ 506-3945

William Powell, ​Staff Assistant

(773)​ 907-4725
Kimberly Dismuke, WIA Coordinator ​(773) 907-4737 kdsimuke1@ccc

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Contact Information

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Main Building,  Room 1435
Chicago, IL 60640
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