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Linked Courses: Meet, Connect, Explore

Why should I join a Linked Course when I register for classes?              
  • Connect what you learn and do in one class to what you learn and do in other classes
  • Meet other college students, build friendships, and study with enthusiastic instructors
  • Explore important and engaging issues within a supportive learning environment
  • Get connected with your college advisor, who will help keep you on track to graduation 
  • Participate in fun social events and go on class outings together

Students Say:

  • “Out of all my classes the LC classes are the best. It is a great experience to make new friends and have an opportunity to make learning easier.
  • “I learned a lot from LC classes. Not only do you make new friends, but you have the opportunity to learn in a different way!"
  • “My LC experience was great! It helped motivate me to finish the semester."
  • “I loved my LC. As I took other individual courses, I felt as though I had closer uni-ty from this LC. All students should have to enroll in an LC.”


See your advisor for more information!

Elizabeth Rosenthal: 773-907-6833
(Dir. of Developmental Education) 

Geoff Martin: 773-907-4687
(Faculty, LC Coordinator)