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CCC Foundation Schol​arships Announcement        

The CCC Scholarship Review Committees have made their final decisions for Fall 2014 awards.          

Announcements will be sent to the email account used to apply no later than Friday, August 15.          


City Colleges of Chicago Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities are administered according to the availability of funds within the City Colleges of Chicago Foundation.  Awards are based on a student’s academic achievements, individual goals, and recommendations.
Preview available scholarships.


Marilyn Casey Scholarship​ (Deadline September 2)                   

External Scholarships  

Many organizations offer scholarships for individuals pursuing their college education. Below is a listing of scholarships available from companies, private foundations and community-based organizations.       

Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing​ (Deadline:  August 31)         

Novus Biologicals Scholarship (Deadline: December 5)​        

For additional information, please contact:                  
Carole Wood                   
Executive Director                   
City Colleges of Chicago Foundation                   
226 W. Jackson Blvd                   
Chicago, IL 60606          ​                   
(312) 553-3455                       







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