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Assessment at Harold Washington College

Carrie Nepstad

Committee Chairperson

About Assessment at Harold Washington College                

At the City Colleges of Chicago, assessment is considered a systematic and ongoing process that collects aggregate data about what students know and can do based on measurable student learning outcomes for:               

  • General Education, including Communications, Mathematics, Physical/Life Sciences, Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Human Diversity;
  • Career and Technical Education programs;
  • Core courses for our academic disciplines

Data and information resulting from the assessment process serve to inform improvements in pedagogy, course content, the curriculum, learning resources, and student services.  Because the assessment process must be faculty owned, faculty driven, and administratively supported, utilization of assessment data by faculty is designed to improve student performance, student development, and student achievement.     

Current work of the Committee

Most recently the Committee assessed learning in the Humanities and the Arts (2016). The next assessment will focus on quantitative reasoning. Other areas where the Committee has begun to place an emphasis on have been online learning and program-level assessment.

Newsletter of the Assessment committee  

Click on the thumbnail below for the spring 2016 edition of the Assessment Times

Spring semester Assessment Day faculty event at HWC 

Click on the thumbnail below to view the program for the event which took place on April 8th, 2016               





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