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Academic Affairs

Academic Support Services: Tutoring

Harold Washington College is pleased to support student success through peer, professional, and embedded tutoring


We are excited that you have chosen to begin your academic journey at the City Colleges of Chicago!

Advising Office

Academic Advisors are available to assist you at every stage of your education at Harold Washington College -- from clarifying education and career goals, to academic planning, to helping you succeed along your journey, to applying for graduation.

Alternative High School (16 to 21 years old)

Did you drop out of high school? Are you 16 to under 21 years of age? You can earn a high school diploma at the City Colleges of Chicago! Explore your options to earn a GED at one of the alternative high schools listed below.

Alumni Association

So you've left City Colleges of Chicago and your life has taken you in other directions. No matter when you earned an associate degree, a certificate, completed 30 or more hours, or prepared for a GED at City Colleges, we want to reconnect with you.

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Applied Science

An interdisciplinary department that offers transfer programs, Associates in Applied Science Degrees and basic and advance certificate career programs in Human Services.

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Art and Architecture

Welcome to the Department of Art and Architecture at Harold Washington College

Assessment at Harold Washington College

Photo: Committee members at work in 2015. The Assessment Committee at HWC is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, administrators, and staff who collect, review, analyze, and disseminate data on the educational outcomes of our students.

Auxiliary Services

Oversees the day-to-day operations related to Campus Building Management and Operations in an effort to provide an efficient, safe and well-maintained environment for students, faculty, staff and the general public.

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Biological Science

The department offers courses for both majors and nonmajors. For majors, this is a stepping stone to careers in the medical, paramedical, allied health, biotechnology, molecular biology and other biological science fields.

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Several of the Business programs offered at Harold Washington College are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business and Programs (ACBSP).

Business Services

Business Services is responsible for protecting the assets of the college by ensuring policies and procedures are adhered to while maintaining the financial integrity of the college.

Career Planning & Placement

Chicago Legal Clinic

The mission of Chicago Legal Clinic is to identify the legal needs and provide community based quality services and education to the underserved and disadvantaged in the Chicago area, thereby promoting justice through greater access to the legal system.

Continuing Education and Professional and Personal Development

Continuing Education and Professional & Personal Development non-credit courses are available for students seeking occupational skills or personal enrichment.

Disability Access Center

The Disability Access Center provides coordination and supportive services for students with documented disabilities.

Email Announcement Protocol

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English Language Learners

Welcome to the English Language Learning Department at Harold Washington College. We offer three levels of English as a Second Language courses designed for the academic success of non native English speakers.

English Language Learning Courses

Courses for English Language Learners include both English language courses for non native speakers of English, and customized ESL sections of college credit courses.

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English, Speech, and Theatre

The Department of English, Speech, and Theatre offers general education courses in the areas of written and oral communication skills, literature, and theatre.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management department handles requests for facility usage and room reservations.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Harold Washington College


Business Office Staff Directory

Human Resources

Harold Washington supports District Human Resources' mission to attract, recruit, develop and retain the most highly qualified and diverse workforce that will support and deliver on the City Colleges of Chicago's Reinvention and Strategic initiatives.

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Humanities and Music

Humanities & Music is a department of dynamic, diverse, and dedicated faculty, providing a range of interdisciplinary academic courses and programs in Humanities, Fine Arts, Philosophy, and Music. Come to us for your gen eds, leave with the world!

HWC Math Emporium

The Harold Washington College Math Emporium is a state-of-the-art computer learning center designed to help students learn math by interacting with a team of instructors, embedded tutors, and an interactive math software.

Information Technology

International Students Office

More than 200 international students enroll at Harold Washington College each semester. The International Students Office supports the academic and non-academic needs of international students.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services provides general cleaning of the interior and exterior of the buildings.

Learning Communities

Level UP

A program for incoming freshmen at Harold Washington College Level UP can prepare you for college-level coursework in a college environment in just 4 weeks.


The Harold Washington College Library offers electronic databases, and print media to support the academic work of students, faculty, and staff as well as individual and group library and information literacy instruction.

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The Mathematics Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience. We offer courses which prepare students to meet their educational, professional and personal goals.

Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction manages the delivery of college credit courses, in all regards, within the mission of Harold Washington College.

Office of the President

The President of the College is the chief executive, administrative, and education officer and derives authority from, and is responsible to the Chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago and the Board of Trustees.

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Physical Sciences

The Physical Science Department offers high quality survey and laboratory courses designed for transfer, general education needs and professional development.

Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance maintains, replaces and repairs the campus buildings, grounds and utility systems.


The Office of the Registrar administers the enrollment of students, maintains student records, and works with faculty, administration and staff on academic matters.

Reprographics and Mail Room

Reprographics manages print material requests and Mail Room is responsible for the collection, distribution and processing of the College's mail.

Safety & Security

Campus Safety and Security is available 24 hours a day to ensure a safe and secure environment for all City College students, staff members, and visitors.

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Social Sciences

The Social Science Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience. The many courses that we offer represent both core and elective options in virtually every degree and certificate category.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association represents all students and serves as a liaison between the student body and college administration and the Board of Trustees.

Student Services

The Student Services Department provides a broad range of services to assist students in achieving their academic and life goals.

Supportive Intervention Team (SIT)

SIT is the College's behavioral threat assessment team.

Testing Resources Center

The Testing Resources Center provides a variety of testing services to assist students as they pursue their academic goals.

The Committee for the Art and Science of Teaching (CAST)

The Committee for the Art and Science of Teaching (CAST)


Welcome to the Phoenix Focus - Harold Washington College's Access Central: Quick links for the needs and questions of the Harold Washington College Community

Transfer Center

Our Transfer Resources Center helps students create a plan for a seamless transition to 4-year institutions. Watch CCC transfer students Taylor and Bogdan discuss their love of student life and study at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Veterans Services Center

City Colleges of Chicago serves thousands of U.S. military veterans each year. Our veterans services team provides a wide range of support to ease your transition from the military to college life and to help you succeed.

Wellness Center

The mission of the Harold Washington College Wellness Center is to provide mental health and psycho-social support services to students, faculty, and staff to further the individual’s and community’s holistic well-being and academic success.

Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA)

The Workforce Innovation Act (WIOA) is a law which provides training for people who are out of work, and who need training to change career paths or whose skills need improvement in order to obtain a new job.

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World Languages

Writing Lab and Supplemental Tutoring Program

If you need help with your writing, stop by the Writing Lab located in 203A. If you have a tutor embedded in your composition classroom, make appointments to see him/her regularly. Both programs offer a variety of services help you succeed.