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Applied Science

An interdisciplinary department that offers transfer programs, Associates in Applied Science Degrees and basic and advance certificate career programs in Human Services.

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Art and Architecture

Welcome to the Department of Art and Architecture at Harold Washington College

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Biological Science

The department offers courses for both majors and nonmajors. For majors, this is a stepping stone to careers in the medical, paramedical, allied health, biotechnology, molecular biology and other biological science fields.

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Several of the Business programs offered at Harold Washington College are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business and Programs (ACBSP).

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English Language Learners

Welcome to the English Language Learning Department at Harold Washington College. We offer three levels of English as a Second Language courses designed for the academic success of non native English speakers.

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English, Speech, and Theatre

The Department of English, Speech, and Theatre offers general education courses in the areas of written and oral communication skills, literature, and theatre.

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Humanities and Music

Humanities & Music is a department of dynamic, diverse, and dedicated faculty, providing a range of interdisciplinary academic courses and programs in Humanities, Fine Arts, Philosophy, and Music. Come to us for your gen eds, leave with the world!

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Mathematics and Computer Information Systems

The Mathematics Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience. We offer courses which prepare students to meet their educational, professional and personal goals.

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Physical Sciences

The Physical Science Department offers high quality survey and laboratory courses designed for transfer, general education needs and professional development.

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Social Sciences

The Social Science Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience. The many courses that we offer represent both core and elective options in virtually every degree and certificate category.

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World Languages

We offer day, afternoon and evening language classes in downtown Chicago. Languages taught include Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.