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Request Audio-Visual Equipment


Reserving Equipment

To schedule audio-visual services:  

Include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Department
  • E-mail (if other than the reply-to e-mail)
  • Phone
  • Title requested
  • Film, VHS, or DVD
  • Delivery or pickup
  • Requested date and time of delivery or pick-up
  • Return time
  • Room number
  • Equipment requested (see list below)

Audio-Visual Reservation:   
Audio-visual equipment and materials are heavily used, and all requests for service must be given to the department 48 hours in advance. The department provides student operators to set up, deliver, and retrieve all equipment (except on Fridays after 4 p.m., all Saturdays, the Summer Session). The Audio-Visual department offers technical and faculty support for all smart class rooms.

Type of equipment:

  • 16mm sound projector
  • Carousel slide projector
  • Caramate projector (slides with audiocassette)
  • LCD Projector and PowerPoint
  • Filmstrip / slide projector
  • Overhead projector (for transparencies)
  • Opaque projector (books, magazines, pictures)
  • CD / cassette tape player
  • Cassette tape player
  • DVD player w/LCD projector
  • DVD and VHS player w/TV cabinet
  • Portable screen
  • Portable P.A. system
  • Microphone (please specify room # below)
  • AVC (please specify room # and specific equipment needed below)
You can also complete the online request form by clicking the link below. Complete the form, then print and deliver to room 403A (fourth floor).

Last Minute Needs:   
When equipment or materials are required immediately, faculty may pick them up from the department in room 403A depending on availability. These items must be returned to audio-visual immediately after the class is over. Prior arrangements are always preferred.

Off-Campus Usage:   
Reservations for equipment or materials to be used off-campus should be made 48 hours in advance. Please submit all requests in writing or in person to the Audio-Visual staff. Our student aides are not authorized to receive requests except in writing.
Long Term Loans:   
Certain types of equipment or materials can be borrowed for extended periods of time. These requests must be submitted in writing and approved by the director.

Borrowing From Outside Sources:
Requests to borrow materials from off-campus sources should be made about six weeks before class use. Resource catalogs are available in room 403A. Faculty is strongly advised to preview all unfamiliar materials before using them in class.