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Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

AQIP is the acronym for Academic Quality Improvement Program and refers to an intensive and systemic process of analysis and improvement of all things Wright College.

Academic Support: Tutoring @ Wright

Wilbur Wright College's Tutoring Center is pleased to support student success through peer, professional, and embedded tutoring.


Welcome to Wilbur Wright College. The Admissions Team is here to help you enroll and provide resources and tools to help you succeed.

Adult Education

Adult Education is a comprehensive program of free classes for adult students who need to learn or improve their English language or basic literacy skills, obtain a GED® certificate, or prepare for the Citizenship exam.

Alternative High School (16 to 21 years old)

Did you drop out of high school? Are you 16 to 21 years of age? You can earn a high school diploma at the City Colleges of Chicago! Apply at Olive-Harvey Middle College or Truman Middle College.

Alumni Association

So you've left City Colleges of Chicago and your life has taken you in other directions. No matter when you earned an associate degree, a certificate, completed 30 or more hours, or prepared for a GED at City Colleges, we want to reconnect with you.

Assessment Committee

An essential component of Wilbur Wright College’s effort to improve student learning.

Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services department manages Janitorial Services, Print Center, Central Stores, Mail Center, External Events, Fixed Asset Management and Space Utilization.

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Welcome to the Department of Biology! Study all branches of life by enrolling in: Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Environmental Biology, Microbiology, and Zoology.

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Welcome to Wilbur Wright College Business Department, we strive to provide students with a quality education for professional success. We offer quality associate’s degrees and certificate programs in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Management/Marketing.

Business Services

Business Services is responsible for protecting the assets of the college by ensuring policies and procedures are adhered while maintaining the financial integrity of the college.

Career Planning & Placement Center

Wilbur Wright Career Planning & Placement provides comprehensive services to help you make informed decisions about careers. We also help you successfully transition into the workforce.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

At the Center for Teaching and Learning, faculty and staff come together for informative, creative presentations. ​This collaborative atmosphere provides a positive space for sharing of ideas.​

Disability Access Center

The Disability Access Center provides coordination and supportive services for students with documented disabilities.

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English, Literature and Reading Department

Wright College’s English Department offers a variety of writing, literature, and reading courses. The courses range from developmental and ESL writing and reading courses to scholarly courses such as Great Books in writing and literature.

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Environmental Technology Programs

The Environmental Tech Programs' mission is to provide quality education and training to prepare students for technical and managerial positions in the energy efficiency, emergency management, sustainability, and environmental health & safety fields.

Extended Orientation

Extended Orientation connects students to resources and services relevant to personal goals and objectives.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management department handles requests for facility usage and room reservations.

FAQ's Undocumented Students

For information regarding resources and scholarships for undocumented students, please click the documents under the publication section of this page.

Financial Aid

At Wilbur Wright College, we believe your education is an that pays dividends throughout your lifetime. That's why The Financial Aid Office is dedicated to helping students get the assistance they may need to attend.

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Foundational Studies

Great Books Curriculum

The Great Books Curriculum is a set of core courses in English, History, Humanities, Literature, Philosophy, and Theater, as well as a series of intellectual and cultural activities for students.

Honors Program

How to File a Complaint

Human Resources

Wright College supports District Human Resources' mission to attract, recruit, develop and retain the most highly qualified and diverse workforce that will support and deliver on the City Colleges of Chicago's Reinvention and Strategic initiatives.

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The Humanities department includes four academic disciplines: Humanities, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Fine Arts.

Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center Community Partnerships

The Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center partners with several organizations to help students succeed.

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Information Technology

Information Technology offers programs in computer information systems, computer security and forensic investigation and information processing.

Information Technology Resource Center (ITRC)

Information Technology Resource Center provides access to resources designed to improve teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes. The ITRC also provides IT support services to every area of the college and its constituents.

International Student Services

International Student Advisors at Wright College support all of the educational needs and immigration requirements of international students.

Library System

The Wright College Library supports the curriculum and mission of Wilbur Wright College. The library provides students, faculty and staff with multiple resources to support study, research and lifelong learning.

Library Technical Assistant

Are you the type who likes to get caught up in a good book or takes an interest in new media, technology or the internet? Then working as a library technical assistant might be the career for you.


The manufacturing programs of Wilbur Wright College are offered at its satellite site, the Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center. They comprise Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) and Electric/Electronic Industrial Maintenance (EEIM).

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Medical Careers

Basic Nurse Assistant (formerly CNA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (EMT-B), Phlebotomy Technician, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), EMT Refresher

Northwest Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Northwest Chicago Symphony was formed and exists so that students of Wilbur Wright College, our faculty and our community may experience the shared joy of listening to and performing orchestral music.

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Occupational Therapy Assistant

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program promotes meaningful living by adapting activities, tasks and the environment which enables people to fulfill their chosen life roles.

Office of the President

The President of the College is the chief executive, administrative, and education officer and derives authority from, and is responsible to the Chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago and the Board of Trustees.

Office of the Vice President

Nicole Reaves is the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs for Wilbur Wright College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago.

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The Wright College Paralegal Program is designed to prepare students to become highly trained paralegals to meet the needs of corporations, law firms and offices, and other sectors where law related work is performed.

Peer Mentor Leadership Program

The Peer Mentor Program promotes college success, builds relationships between new and experienced students, helps students navigate the college campus and take advantage of the resources available to them in the Wilbur Wright community.

Physical Education

Physical education instructs our students in various courses of the importance of well developed motor skills, nutrition and strength, in order to achieve a high level of fitness.

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Physical Sciences and Engineering Department

The Physical Sciences Department offers courses in Astronomy, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics.

Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance provides support services for the purpose of maintaining a well functioning and safe facility.

Professional and Personal Development (Continuing Education)

Starting Spring 2015, Continuing Education is now “Professional and Personal Development” at CCC. Professional and Personal Development non-credit courses are available for students seeking occupational skills or personal enrichment.

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Students in the radiography program learn the theory, technical skills, patient care, and techniques necessary to use radiation in the diagnosis of disease.


SAVE THE DATES for Rams Week 2016, August 22nd - 26th for everything you need to be ready for the first day of classes! At Rams Week, students will be able to meet advisors, faculty and other students and have some fun!


The Office of the Registrar administers the enrollment of students, maintains student records, and works with faculty, administration and staff on academic matters.

Reprographics and Mail Room

Reprographics manages print material requests and Mail Room is responsible for the collection, distribution and processing of the College's mail.

Safety & Security

Campus Safety and Security is available 24 hours a day to ensure a safe and secure environment for all City College students, staff members, and visitors.


Service Learning

Service Learning courses combine community service and classroom concepts

Skills Connection Program

The Skills Connection webpage offers career exploration resources, advice for interns, and tips for enhancing soft skills to help you in school and in your career.

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Social Science

Addictions Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology

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Social Service

The Social Service department at Wilbur Wright College offers a Certificate and Associate's Degree in Gerontology, the study of human aging, and a Certificate in Nursing Home Administration.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association represents all students and serves as a liaison between the student body and college administration and the Board of Trustees.

Student Services

The Student Services Department provides a broad range of services to assist students in achieving their academic and life goals.

Supportive Intervention Team

SIT is the College's behavioral assessment team.

Testing Resources (Assessment) Center

The Testing Resources (Assessment) Center provides a variety of testing services to assist students as they pursue their academic goals.

The Gateway Advising & Transfer Center

Our Transfer Resources Center helps students create a plan for a seamless transition to 4-year institutions. Watch CCC transfer students Taylor and Bogdan discuss their love of student life and study at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

The Gateway Advising and Transfer Center

Academic Advisors are available to assist you at every stage of your education at Wright College -- from clarifying education and career goals, to academic planning, to helping you succeed along your journey, to applying for graduation.

Tuition Free ESL

Learn English as a Second Language

Veterans Services Center

Welcome to the City Colleges of Chicago! We serve thousands of U.S. military veterans each year. Our veteran services team provides a wide range of services to ease your transition from the military to college life and to help you succeed.

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Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Department is comprised of the disciplines of Art, Architecture, Dance, Music, Photography, Speech, and Theater.

Wellness Center

The Wright College Wellness Center provides mental health and other social services to support your personal well-being and academic success.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federal law which provides training for people who are out of work, and who need training to change career paths or whose skills need improving in order to obtain a new job.

Wright College Humboldt Park

Wright College Humboldt Park offers several programs of study, including college credit, adult education and skills programs.

Wright College Quick Guide to Student Resources

Looking for the resources that can help you succeed? Get info quickly...with the Wright College Quick Guide to Student Resources!

Wright in Your Corner

Engages students by connecting them to the services and offices that will help them succeed in the classroom, choose courses, explore careers and network socially.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers assistance to student writers at every step in the writing process and provides guidance on all writing tasks.