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CCC Undocumented-Student-Resources

City Colleges seeks to foster a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of immigration status. Numerous initiatives, both within the institution and in partnership with immigrant-serving allies, work to ensure City Colleges of Chicago responds to new immigration policies affecting our students so they may be prepared to pursue their life’s goals.                 

View and print a pdf of these frequently asked questions for undocumented students here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Undocumented Students                         
1)      My goal is to graduate from a 4-year institution.  How could attending City Colleges of Chicago help me work towards this goal?  The affordability of an Associate Degree from City Colleges of Chicago compared to the costs for two years at a private university, vocational college, or public university, makes CCC a strategic choice for many undocumented students.  Partnerships between City Colleges of Chicago and four-year institutions provide a smooth transition for CCC students into the college or university of their choice.  CCC’s Transfer Resource Centers help students create a plan for a seamless transition into 4-year institutions.   Students should work with their Academic Advisor to create an individualized academic plan.  The plan serves as a personal road map to graduation by listing which classes a student should take each term to satisfy all completion requirements needed to earn a degree or certificate.                          

2)      I am ineligible to apply for FAFSA.  Are undocumented students able to apply for scholarships offered through City Colleges of Chicago Foundation?   Yes, undocumented students may apply for scholarships through the City Colleges of Chicago Foundation.  Students should follow the application instructions on the CCC Foundation website.  Students who are ineligible for FAFSA should complete the Financial and Household Certification Form and include it with your application for City Colleges of Chicago Foundation scholarships.                            

3)      I have taken college-level courses in another country.  Could I receive credit for prior classwork at City Colleges of Chicago?   Yes, you could receive credit for prior classwork.  College credits and educational credentials -- such as transcripts, diplomas, or certificates -- earned at the secondary or post-secondary levels outside of the United States must be evaluated by our international transcript evaluation partner, Educational Perspectives. Evaluations conducted by other transcript evaluation services will not be accepted.                          

4)      I am an undocumented high school student.  Are there programs through City Colleges of Chicago that could help me prepare for college?    Yes, motivated juniors and seniors can get a head start by earning college credit for free through the CCC Dual Enrollment Program.  The Dual Enrollment Program allows high school students to enroll in college courses through one of the seven City Colleges (CCC).  Students may enroll in one (1) college course per semester.  Course instruction occurs on the CCC campuses.  Students may be able to earn dual credit (both college and high school credit) depending on the course.   Consult your high school counselor to determine if credit is given for both.  Students will be enrolled as college students and must meet all enrollment criteria.                           

5)       I am taking free classes (either ESL or GED) through City Colleges of Chicago Adult Education.  What financial support is available to help me transition to college-level courses from Adult Education if I am undocumented?   The Gateway to the City Colleges of Chicago program provides Adult Education students a special opportunity to continue their studies at the City Colleges of Chicago by taking college credit courses at a reduced cost while receiving additional support to select an academic program of study.  All students in the Adult Education classes, regardless of immigration status, are eligible to apply for the Gateway Program.                            

 6)      Are there mental health and support services available to City Colleges of Chicago students?   Yes, all CCC students have access to a Wellness Center at each college which provides mental health and other social services to support the personal well-being of students.  Personal, individual counseling offers a safe place to talk about issues and receive support through life’s challenges.                          

 7)      I am interested in learning more about applying to City Colleges of Chicago.  Who could I talk to about applying?   The Recruiters of City Colleges of Chicago are eager to answer your questions about the application process and the various programs.    Please fill out the form on the link below and we will contact you with more information.