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CDL Textbooks


Ordering CDL Books and Materials Online:

It is recommended that textbooks be purchased online through efollett ( Students who wish to purchase their textbooks at their campus bookstore should first visit the efollett web site, PRINT A COPY of  course materials list from the web site. and bring the list to the bookstore. This will ensure that you are purchasing the CORRECT materials.

Contact Information to various sources to acquire textbooks and materials

Center for Distance Learning (CDL) Online Book Store

(CDL Book Store is located at Wright College)
Science Building
4300 N. Narragansett Av., Chicago Telephone: (773) 545-7924

When placing your order please have the following information on hand:

Campus of registration, Name of course, Course Number & Course Section (For example, Truman College, Anthropology 202 TW)

If you are using a Financial Aid Book Voucher to purchase your materials and are enrolled in both CDL and on-campus courses or are concurrently enrolled at multiple CCC campuses:
  1. Visit the efollett web site and print a copy of the total book costs. Bring this print-out to the financial aid office to obtain the financial aid voucher.
  2. Vouchers may be split between City Colleges of Chicago campus bookstores and efollett. Inform the financial aid representative of how the voucher will be split.
  3. If a student decides that a college bookstore is his/her single source for a financial aid book voucher, the student is still responsible for purchasing materials from efollett.
For additional information, please see a financial aid representative at your local campus.​​