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Educational Quality

Jonathan Keiser, Ph.D.
Deputy Provost

The mission of the Educational Quality team within Academic and Student Affairs is to facilitate and support a culture of continuous improvement in student learning and assessment, instructional practices and pedagogy, faculty facing academic processes and concurrent high school enrollment. This mission is achieved through research and implementation of best practices for improving learning and teaching, transparent and evidence based decision-making, and through collaboration with partners across the District and the broader educational community.                                            

Our goals are to increase the number of students earning college credentials of economic value, increase the rate of transfer to bachelor’s degree programs following CCC graduation, drastically improve outcomes for students requiring remediation and increase the number and share of Adult Basic Education, high school equivalency degree, and English as a second language students who advance to and succeed in college level courses.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Accreditation                                               ​                            

  • Regional and specialized accreditation and compliancepop_out-512.png  ​

Academic Process                                                                            

  • Faculty Discipline Meetingspop_out-512.png 
  • Faculty Formspop_out-512.png
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)​​pop_out-512.png    
  • Management of academic workflow and process
  • Tenurepop_out-512.png 

Academic Systems and Student Records                                     

  • Library Systempop_out-512.png 
  • Registrarpop_out-512.png


  • Learning assessmentpop_out-512.png 

Early College​                                                                                      

  • Overview of Early College programs for high school studentspop_out-512.png
  • Dual Enrollmentpop_out-512.png
  • Dual Creditpop_out-512.png

Faculty Development                                                                          

  • Faculty Leadership in Teaching (FLiNT)​pop_out-512.png
  • Faculty professional developmentpop_out-512.png 
  • Northern Illinois University (NIU) Reading Programpop_out-512.png
  • Talents of Teachingpop_out-512.png

Student Success                                                                                  

  • Academic advising and supportpop_out-512.png 
  • Tutoring servicespop_out-512.png
  • GradesFirstpop_out-512.png
  • Retention and completion
  • College success pop_out-512.png


  • Transfer, transfer centers and articulationpop_out-512.png 

Faculty & Staff

​Name ​Title ​Email ​Phone
Jonathan Keiser, Ph.D.​ Deputy Provost Email 312/553-2782
​Autym Henderson ​Academic Affairs Specialist Email 312/553-2805
Shavon Taylor, M.A. District Director, Early College Programs​ ​Email 312/553-3483
​Sharon Williams ​Director, Early College Compliance ​Email​ 312/553-2747
​Anne Brennan, M.A. ​Executive Director, Transfer and Articulation ​Email 312/553-3439
​Alfredo Estrada, M.P.A. ​District Director, Student Transfer Systems Email ​312/553-2658
​Shelley Lemons, M.A. ​​District Director, Transfer Programs and Services Email​ ​312/553-3287
​Alex Underwood ​Executive Director, Academic Systems and Student Records ​​​Email ​​312/553-2716
​Trevor Karmanian ​Academic Systems Analyst ​​​Email ​​312/553-3327
​Chris Bensen ​Compliance and Reporting Analyst ​​​Email ​​312/553-2738
​Renee Roby ​Academic Coordinator ​​​Email ​​312/553-2746
​Daniel Enoch District Systems Librarian​ ​​​Email ​​312/553-2651
​Maritiza Hidalgo ​College Clerical Assistant II ​​​Email ​​312/553-3385
TBD ​Academic Systems Analyst​
​LaTina Smiley ​Coordinator, Grant Budget Email ​312/553-2901
​​Maria Delgado ​College Administrative Assistant I ​​Email​ ​312/553-2604​

Contact Information

226 W. Jackson Blvd
13th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
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8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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