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The Gateway to the City Colleges of Chicago program provides Adult Education students a special opportunity to continue their studies at the City Colleges of Chicago by taking college credit courses at a reduced cost while receiving additional support to select an academic program of study.  Depending on the length of time in the program, students will be able to earn credits toward the completion of a basic certificate or advanced certificate, while working toward an Associate's degree.

  • Solid academic performance in the Adult Education program
  • Resident of Chicago
  • Intend to pursue a certificate or Associate degree at City Colleges of Chicago
  • Student must not have taken prior college credit classes
  • Start the program while in ESL Levels 6-College Prep or a GED upper level course with a minimum TABE reading score of 9.0 or above
  • Score 50 or higher in the native speakers' COMPASS reading test
  • Attend a Gateway to the City Colleges Orientation, complete an application and obtain the recommendation of an Adult Educator

How to Get Started

Attend a Gateway to the City Colleges Program Orientation that includes basic information about college transition.

The one hour workshop will provide you with useful information about the differences between Adult Education and college credit, college terminology, available student support services and financial aid, programs offered at City Colleges of Chicago and how to apply.

Faculty & Staff

Learn more about Gateway and the program orientation schedule by contacting a Transition Specialist at an Adult
Education office.

​College ​Transition Specialist
​Email ​Phone
​Richard Daley ​Rasha Farmer ​773-838-7880
​Richard Daley ​Priscilla Minenger ​773-843-4533
​Richard Daley ​Ana Reyes ​773-838-7884
​Olive-Harvey ​Cheryl Bland-Winbush ​773-291-6519
​Truman ​Matthew Vanada ​773-907-6840
​Truman ​Myriam C. Pacheco ​773-907-6828
​Truman ​Camilo Rasquin ​773-907-6835
​Kennedy-King ​Abdul King ​773-602-5349
​Malcolm X ​Ted Fields ​312-850-7282
​Malcolm X ​Marlon Haywood ​312-850-7436
​Malcolm X ​Lee Willis ​312-850-7282
​Wilbur Wright ​Laura Nitanda ​773-481-8929

Contact Information

226 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60606
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