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Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)

IAI became effective Summer 1998 for students entering a participating college or university as first-time, first-year students. Benefits for students are as follows:                            

• Students who complete the A.A., A.S., or A.A.T. degree at the City Colleges of Chicago, and who meet the admission requirements of an IAI participating baccalaureate degree granting institution to which they transfer, will have completed the lower-division general education requirements for an associate or baccalaureate degree in lieu of the receiving institution’s general education requirements.                            

• Students who complete the IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) at City Colleges of Chicago fulfilling all of the GECC requirements with IAI approved General Education courses and transfer to participating institutions have the assurance that lower-division general education requirements for an associate or baccalaureate degree have been satisfied and the GECC will transfer.                             

A participating/receiving institution may require transfer students to complete an institution-wide and/or mission-related graduation requirement beyond the scope of the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum.                             
The IAI website​ includes information on requirements for general education​ updated as of 03/17/2014, course descriptions​, and a student planning worksheet.             

Due to the increasing number of students fulfilling degree requirements at more than one City College, district-wide models for A.A. and A.S. Transfer Degrees showing minimum general education requirements have been designed. The models facilitate the need for a smooth transition for the student’s path to degree completion.                              

Important notes about transfer courses: although IAI approved courses are the most widely accepted, baccalaureate transfer courses need not be IAI approved and may be articulated for transfer via written articulation agreements or transfer equivalency documents. Such documents apply only to those institutions covered by those documents. Transfer acceptance conditions may apply. Institutions which have not signed such documents may or may not accept non-IAI approved courses for transfer credit and if they do, may accept them as Gen Ed or major or elective credit. Transfer documents do not guarantee acceptance of transfer credit. Ultimately, it is at the discretion of the receiving institution whether or not and under what conditions transfer credits may be accepted, which may change without notice. Click here to view a list of approved general education courses​, updated as of 03/17/2014.