How do I find more resources on my topic within my Primo search?

Go to the Details record for any item that you have determined is valid and appropriate according to the topic on which you are searching. Click on the Subjects: line within the record to retrieve more items with the exact same topic.

How do I search for and view an e-book?

Begin by entering keywords on the topic of your choosing. Select Books as the type of item you are seeking before choosing Full Text Online from the top of the results display. Click on the title to connect to the full-text for the electronic item you want to view. If you want to view the item within the Primo interface, click on the View Online tab. You may be prompted to log in.

May I search using a wildcard?

To perform a single-character wildcard search, enter a ? in place of the character position that has more than one possibility, e.g. wom?n to search for woman, women, etc.

How do I search by ISBN or ISSN?

This option is found on the Advanced Search page in the drop-down text menu next to Search Terms.
You must enter ISBNs like this: 9780375847387.
You must enter ISSNs like this: 1523-388X.

How do I perform more complex searches, including Boolean searches?

To search for a phrase, enter quotation marks around your search terms, e.g., "climate change."

To search for any specified words or phrases, enter OR (all in upper case) between the words or phrases, e.g. genealogy OR lineage.

To exclude words or phrases, enter NOT (all in upper case) followed by the word or phrase to exclude,e.g. silver NOT gold.

To group terms within a search, use parentheses around the terms, e.g. Shakespeare (tragedy OR sonnet).

What is a search scope?

A search scope is pre-defined to include topics, locations and/or particular sources. When selecting a search scope, Primo is able to identify where the system should perform the search. You may change the scope of your search by selecting an alternative from the drop-down list.

With what search types may I use the "starts with" (aka left-anchored) limiter?

"Starts with" or left-anchored searches are those in which the search string is read from left to right exactly as it is typed. When results are returned, the expectation is that the titles will begin with the search string and anything else that may follow it. "Starts with" limiters are enabled for title searches only.

What are the Links on the right hand side of a record-display?

Links appear on the right hand side of a record display when additional information such as availability details, online access, Table of Contents, abstracts and more apply to the item you are viewing.