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CCC Wellness Centers Clinical Training Program

Application Information for the CCC Wellness Centers Clinical Training Program

What is the CCC Wellness Centers Clinical Training Program?
The Wellness Centers Clinical Training Program is one of the largest clinical training programs in the Midwest for psychology, counseling, and social work graduate students. About 50 interns are placed each year at one of the seven Wellness Centers of the City Colleges of Chicago.

What is the training experience like?
Interns receive comprehensive training as they provide clinical services in our student counseling centers. The diversity of the student population at each college enriches the interns' experiences as they gain dynamic training in working with clients with varied presentations and from diverse backgrounds. Interns are trained and supported in working with clients through all phases of treatment, and supervision is provided by skilled staff eager to support trainees’ development. While we primary utilize a brief treatment model, trainees are also given the opportunity to work with several,  longer-term clients over the course of their training year.  Diagnostic interns are provided the opportunity to work with a small caseload of therapy clients in addition to conducting the required number of assessment batteries.

What are the Wellness Centers?
The Wellness Centers are student counseling centers, providing best-practices mental health and case management services for students, faculty, and staff. Core services include individual and group counseling, psychological testing, educational outreach, linkage to community-based services, and consultation for faculty and staff regarding “students of concern.”

What is the role of the practicum/externship/internship student?
Graduate students in training participate in all aspects of service delivery. Therapy trainees are expected to provide crisis, short-term, and some long-term counseling; case management; and community outreach. Doctoral-level diagnostic interns, of course, focus on assessment; however, most will also enrich their experience by carrying a small caseload of therapy clients and by participating in outreach.

What types of placements do you offer?
Placements are provided for second-year, master’s-level students in psychology and social work and doctoral students in psychology. Doctoral-level opportunities include diagnostic and therapy placements. The chart below indicates approximate numbers and types of placements at each location:
Note: The distribution of the types of placements on each location’s team will vary depending upon the make-up of the particular team. Supervision for Adler and Chicago School diagnostic interns at Daley, Olive-Harvey, and Truman may be off-site through arrangements with the respective schools.

What qualities and abilities do you seek in an intern?
We value conscientious interns who desire a training experience that includes managing a highly-diverse, challenging caseload. We seek students who are able to engage clients from very different backgrounds, present
with a broad range of problems, and often come from low SES communities. Flexibility, independence, good oral and written communication skills, maturity, and good judgment are also highly valued.

How do I apply?
Please note:  Your school may have a different application process than the one we prescribe. You may apply using the process delineated by your school; however, if it differs from the instructions below, you must still submit following our guidelines, even if it means you submit your application a second time.

One application for all 7 locations!
Your application makes you eligible for consideration at all sites. In your cover letter and also during the interview process, you are asked to indicate your preferences for which sites you would like to be considered.  We understand that your preferences may change as you learn more about us.

If your school is part of ACEPT, very specific rules apply regarding the application process. Applicants from ACEPT institutions can apply Feb. 7 or after. Non-ACEPT school applicants can apply any time after Jan. 12.

We utilize an email application process and successful applicants will abide by the following guidelines. The following documents must be included in your application email.  LABEL EACH DOCUMENT AS INDICATED:


Email Subject Line Heading
Provide these details in the subject heading of your email: 
  1. Last name
  2. Type of placement you are seeking (see chart below for codes)
  3. The first letter(s) of the locations(s) for which you would like to be considered.  Daley=D, Kennedy-King=K, Malcolm X=M, etc..
For example, John Smith, a master’s-level student in counseling psychology wants to be considered for placement at Daley, Truman, and Wright.  In the subject heading line, he types: Smith MA D T W. 
For example, Alice Brown, a doctoral-level student seeking a therapy placement, is applying to Kennedy-King and Olive-Harvey Colleges.  In the subject line, she types:  Brown DTH K  O 

Please use these codes to indicate the type of placement in your email subject heading:


For more information about the Wellness Centers, visit: Learn more about each college, including location, demographics, and contact information.

 Email your application to:




Please feel free to email any of the supervisors directly for additional information about a particular site:

​Supervisor ​College ​Email Address
​Anne Althoff ​Daley
Jessica Towsky ​Harold Washington

​Larry Lichtenstein ​Kennedy-King
​Erica Schweitzer ​Malcolm X
​Mary Dyer ​Olive-Harvey
​Karen Caldwell-Littleton ​Truman
​Anne Wysoglad ​Wright