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Transfer Scholarships

C2C Major Specific Scholarships - Click h​ere​ to learn more about scholarships for majors that are based on CCC's College to Career designations​.           

Minority Scholarships - A number of large scholarships exist to benefit members of underrepresented groups. Click here to find out more about scholarships for minority students.
Other National Scholarships - Click here to learn about national scholarships that are offered to high achieving students.   
Partner Scholarships - Our transfer partners want to help you achieve your dreams! Click here to learn more.       

Phi Theta Kappa - Click here to find out more about this honors society that helps students across the country who transfer from community colleges to 4-year institutions. Many of our partner institutions have Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships as well. Take a look at the Partner Scholarships page to learn more.

STEM Scholarships​ - Click here​ if you are seeking research opportunities and scholarship opportunities and will be studying a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) major.

Understanding the PELL and MAP Grants - Click here to learn about eligibility and the application process for the PELL and MAP grants             

Veteran Scholarships - Click here to learn more about the financial opportunities available to veterans seeking a bachelors degree.