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City Colleges of Chicago and Roosevelt Faculty Leadership in Teaching (FLinT) Program

City Colleges of Chicago
Faculty Leadership in Teaching  (FLint)
Faculty Enrollment and FLint Process Management  
Faculty Leadership in Teaching (FLint) is a Roosevelt University 15 hour graduate credential program designed for CCC faculty interested in learning more about community college teaching, student learning, and leadership in higher education. CCC faculty who began before Fall, 2013 may use courses from the FLint program for tenure and faculty who begin teaching in Fall, 2013 can apply FLint courses toward an Individualized Learning and Service Plan (ILSP). With approval, any faculty may use FLint courses toward lane advancement. 1 Faculty may choose from a list of seven (7) courses. Completion of three courses* will also qualify a faculty member for a Graduate Credential in Online Teaching.
TRDV 411 Instructional Methods and Delivery​ TRDV 451 Instructional Systems Design​
TRDV 422 ​Adult Learning Theory and Application *TRDV 501 ​Online Teaching Theory and Application
TRDV 429 ​Program Planning and Development *TRDV 502 ​Technologies for Online Teaching
 *TRDV 509 Seminar and Practice in Online Teaching
FLint tuition for CCC faculty is 20% of Roosevelt University’s graduate tuition per 3 hour graduate course. City Colleges of Chicago subsidizes 40% of the tuition and Roosevelt University discounts tuition by 40%.
CCC enrollment is managed manually to assure CCC students are not intermingled with other students who pay full tuition and to assure the FLint budget for the academic year is not exceeded.
Faculty may request a maximum of two courses in any one semester. 2 The discount is as follows:
​Credit Hours ​Tuition Charge ​City Colleges Amt. ​Faculty Amt. Faculty Fees​
3​ ​$2,430 ​$972 ​$486 $150​
​6 ​$4,860 ​$1,944 ​$972 ​$150

Enrollment Process -

  1. From the Roosevelt University homepage
    • Choose Future Students; then select Apply Online under Admissions.
    • Complete the brief list of questions under Applying to Roosevelt University.
    • Select Take me to the Online Application; Create a Login ID and PIN.
    • The student should check the box that says ‘pay later’. Roosevelt will waive the $25 fee.
    • Review Course Descriptions here.
    • Complete the on line application.
  2. Contact Roosevelt’s University Training and Development Program to request an enrollment form, specifically for FLint. Tara Hawkins
  3. Obtain the signature approval of the College V.P. and Chief Academic Officer.
  4. The College V.P. reviews the request, based upon, e.g. whether the course is required for tenure or professional development, the faculty member’s professional development plan, the FLint budget for that term, and the number of faculty who request a FLint course.
  5. If the request is approved, the V.P. should indicate on the form, by checking ‘yes’ or ‘no’, whether the course is being requested for tenure.
  6. The faculty member emails the completed, approved form to Roosevelt with the VP’s printed name and signature and the name of the faculty member’s college.
  7. Roosevelt will:
    • Receive the budgeted amount for the term from Academic Affairs, District Office.
    • Inform Academic Affairs of new enrollment requests, once enrollment reaches approximately 75% of the budgeted amount. (e.g. if the total budget for FLint is $25,000, Roosevelt will begin reporting new requests at $20,000)
    • Review all enrollment information, check for legible V.P. name/signature, college name, and a maximum of two courses.
  8. Regularly, CCC/Academic Affairs will review the list of current enrolled students to monitor the Flint tuition budget.
  9. Academic Affairs, District Office will receive an invoice from Roosevelt each term and will initiate the requisition to request payment for the CCC portion.
  10. If for any term, individual college budgets are approved for FLint, requisitions will be initiated by each college for their own faculty with oversight from Academic Affairs, District Office.
  11. CCC faculty will be responsible for their 20% share and will pay Roosevelt directly at the time of enrollment.3
  12. It is vitally important that Academic Affairs assures that invoices are paid in a timely manner whether by District Office or by the colleges, individually.


Academic Affairs, District Office:

Lydia Gonzalez – FLint agreements, board resolutions, and requisitions.
Jonathan Keiser – Faculty Tenure/TAP process and Faculty Development.

Roosevelt University – Graduate Training and Development/FLint

Tara Hawkins


1 Full time faculty who begin in Fall, 2013 will follow the requirements of the new Tenure
Assistance Program (TAP) process. A FLint course or program may be part of a tenure-track faculty member’s ILSP.
2 Roosevelt charges flat rate tuition of $8,925 for 9-12 credit hours. CCC would pay $3,570; $1,944 for the first two courses and $1,626 for the third course.

3Faculty members are responsible for all fees. Fees must be paid directly to Roosevelt University.

Effective Fall, 2013 CCC Academic Affairs/Roosevelt Graduate Training and Development