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College Success

The College Success course is designed to enhance the student experience at City Colleges by providing critical information about academic and career planning, college resources, study and research skills, and opportunities to become engaged in college life outside of the classroom.  This 3 credit course is offered to students during the first semester of their college career.                                           

  • Self-assessment
  • Career guidance
  • Academic advising
  • Academic pathways and creating an education plan
  • ​Career exploration
  • Transfer planning and resources  




Training and Requirements for Certified Instructors

College Success is now offered at all of the City Colleges of Chicago, with more than 80 instructors facilitating the course.  During the Fall 2014 semester more than 150 sections of the course will be offered district-wide.           

Instructors who teach this course are required to attend a yearly training.                                        

The training will highlight:                                         


  • New course modules
  • Review the customized textbook 
  • Demonstrate how to use Early Alerts (GradesFirst) to improve retention 
  • Career Exploration (Focus2), and Guided Student Pathways (GPS)  

Training and Requirements for New Instructors (External)         


External candidates interested in teaching the course must apply via City Colleges of Chicago Human Resources website.  All external candidates will be notified by City Colleges of Chicago Human Resources department of application acceptance, and requirements to teach the course.  Once external candidates have been selected they are required to attend both days of the College Success Spring training.                                         


College Success Master Teachers


The College Success training is facilitated by the College Success Institute Master teachers, and Academic Affairs staff members.  The College Success Institute offers opportunities for current instructors to become a College Success Master Teacher.  The criteria for the Master Teacher distinction is that a candidates must teach the course for two consecutive semesters and facilitate one of the training modules during the Instructor training.  

For information about becoming a College Success Master teacher please contact 
Juandalyn Holland.             


Diego Baez, Truman College
Dr. Juandalyn Holland, District Office
Dr. Ileo Lott, District Office
Alyssa Turner Cairns, District Office
Arlethia Mayes, Center for Distance Learning
Maggie Rice-Ayala, Truman College
Kevin Smith, Harold Washington College
Regina Walton, Malcolm X College
Donyel Williams, Harold Washington College
Allison Zures, District Office


Cynthia D. Armster, CSSI Founder & Director

College Representatives

Diego Baez, Truman College
Benita Hunter, Daley College
Dr. Ileo Lott, District Office
William O’Donnell, Malcolm X College
Maggie Rice-Ayala, Truman College
Kevin Smith, Harold Washington College
Regina Walton, Malcolm X College