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Curriculum Development

The new curriculum development process, Proposed Academic Curriculum Changes (PACC), was approved by the CCC Board of Trustees in June, 2014 and will roll-out in August, 2014.  A new website is under construction and will also be unveiled in August, 2014.            

Use the PAC process for new or amended CCC courses or programs. These changes include Course Title, Course Description, Prerequisite, Credit hours, Contact Hours and Objectives, Student Learning Outcomes, Change in CCC Program, New Program for CCC, New Course for CCC, Academic Standards or Policy, Change in CCC Certificate, and New CCC Certificate – See PAC Form. To adopt CCC courses not currently offered at a college, use Form 13 and submit to local Dean of Instruction for applicable process.
The flow of approval begins at the local college:

I. Primary Advocate introduces proposed academic change
  a. College Vice President is notified                    
  b. Appropriate college administrator                                            
  c. District Academic Affairs via - email                                   
II. Primary Advocate’s (Full Time Faculty Member or Designee) Department reviews and signs off on proposal
  a. Primary Advocate forwards proposed academic changes to every Department Chair for review by full-time faculty in the discipline. (Send documents electronically with mail receipt. Allow two calendar weeks for review.)
III. Review and signoffs by Local Curriculum Committee A               
IV. Review and signoffs by Local Faculty Council               
V. Review and signoffs by Local Academic Administration (Vice President or designee)               

Following local college review and approval, the proposal moves to the district level by way of it being sent to both the Provost / Chief Academic Officer and the Chairperson of Faculty Council’s (FCCCC) Committee A. They in turn distribute the proposal to the next district-wide committees:

VI. Review and signoffs by Academic Curriculum Committee of the Faculty Council of the City Colleges of Chicago (FCCCC) Committee A
VII. Review and signoffs by FCCCC President               
VIII. Review and signoffs by Provost/Office of Academic & Occupational Programs, and College Vice Presidents (start form 13 process with 4-year Institutions)               
  a. Newly proposed degree/certificate presented to the board                
IX. Notification of approval to Primary Advocate               
​​​​X. Office of Academic & Occupational Programs submits to ICCB               
  a. A new course and / or certificate is approved by ICCB staff                                           
  b. A new degree requires CCC, ICCB and IBHE Board approval                          

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