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Fresh Seasons Café and Catering

Fresh Season Café menus for the week of March 27-30                     

Fresh Seasons Ca​​fé at Daley                 

Fresh Seasons Ca​​​fé at ​Harold Washington​​

Fresh Seasons Café ​​​​at Kennedy-​King    

Fresh Seasons Café ​​​​​at Malcolm X​                   

Fresh Seas​ons Café ​​​a​t Oliv​e-Harvey​​​​                              

Fresh Season​s Café ​​​​a​t Tru​man​​     ​​​​​​​​​​​   

Fresh Season​s ​Café ​​​​​at ​Wright​​​​​​​​​ ​            

New! Take a look at Taher's catering and event planning guide. Their menu is completely customizable to fit your specific event. Taher offers an array of catering solutions, from continental breakfasts to gourmet lunch buffets. They even offer special packages for student groups. Click on the link below to learn about additional catering offerings.  

Taher Catering 2017.JPG

Comp​lete Catering Guide​