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Efficiency & Effectiveness

​In order to provide the highest quality of services to our students and community, the City Colleges of Chicago must look to constantly improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of our operations including facilities, processes, technologies and most importantly, our people.  By allowing for more flexibility and investment in areas that will best drive student success we will identify and address the greatest opportunities for return on our investments.

First, we must expand our ability to competitively, efficiently and electronically procure assets and services.  By automating our existing procurement technology tools, adding additional search, comparison and approval workflows while increasing and standardizing employee training, we will significantly lower procurement process time while providing employees necessary tools to more effectively acquire quality and needed assets or services at potentially the lowest cost available.

In addition, we must streamline and decentralize our credentialing process to compete for the best faculty talent in the marketplace. Faculty recruitment must begin one year or more prior to programmatic needs to again compete for the best faculty talent.  To facilitate both and to streamline the hiring and recruitment process for all potential employees, we must expand and update our existing talent acquisition technology tools to improve applicant tracking (for more effective comparison and verification of credentials), candidate gateway (to market CCC to potential candidates) and on-boarding to ensure new employees are provided with the foundational tools needed to be successful in their new roles.

We must gather, analyze and report organizational data in a systematic and strategic way to provide best in class and real time analytical information to our management teams to allow them to make the right decisions at the right times.  Through the proposed Business Intelligence technology tool, managers will be provided with “dashboard” reporting of important performance, financial and statistical data such as KPI metrics, budget metrics and organizational goal metrics.

Finally, we must increase the effective management, professional development and internal mobility of our existing employees through Talent & Performance Management. This newly proposed program supported by a robust technology tool while allow us to dramatically expand the support and professional development of all employees while aligning employee performance with organizational values and the cascading goals of the organization.  With powerful employee engagement tools through social media, rewards and recognition and comprehensive training, it will expand our ability to connect with each and every employee.  Ultimately, it will allow all employees to realize how their performance will impact our singular mission of student success.

Our Vision

  • A streamlined college based credentialing process with a forecast-based hiring process tied to student enrollment, program need projections and organizational competencies.
  • An intuitive, competency based Performance Management program tied to cascading organizational goals and providing effective professional development.
  • An automated, integrated and comprehensive room and event scheduling system which incorporates real-time reporting and energy conservation.
  • An automated, integrated, user-friendly and intuitive procurement process which enhances cost control, streamlines approvals and reinforces accountability.


Current Initiatives

Center for Teaching and Learning

Based on a recommendation developed by one of the Spring 2011 task forces, a Reinvention faculty member launched a Center for Teaching and Learning at Truman College. The Center offers faculty opportunities to network, share ideas, access resources on teaching, higher education, and use of technology in the classroom. Through the Center, faculty may also participate in workshops, brown-bag lunch discussions and a voluntary peer observation program called Teaching Squares. CCC is studying duplication of the program district-wide.

Streamlining Procurement

Chancellor Hyman approved a plan developed by KPMG on a pro-bono basis to dramatically overhaul City Colleges’ procurement services, including:

  • Reducing approval steps from seven to three, thereby reducing purchase order cycle time by 33-42 percent and estimated purchase order approval cost by 40 percent
  • Increasing use of blanket/annual purchase orders to avoid approximately $110k-$240k in effort per year
  • Redefining IT consulting requirements and negotiating rates to potentially save approx. $0.78-$1.20 million (20-30 percent) per year
  • Redefining bookstore requirements and negotiating rates to achieve significant savings for students, and
  • Automating the procurement process.

Business Intelligence System

CCC is seeking providers of business intelligence software that will allow users quick access to data that captures key information about the institution and their own work. System users will gain broader access to student data and be able to pinpoint, for example, where money is being spent, or if investments are bearing fruit.