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CCC to Launch Citywide School of Nursing

2/19/2014 12:00 AM

City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor Cheryl Hyman announced today that the community college system will launch a new citywide City Colleges of Chicago School of Nursing at the new $251 million Malcolm X College in 2016, transitioning from its four nursing programs at Daley College, Malcolm X College, Truman College and Wright College over the next two years.  This unified, citywide program will help further ensure Chicagoans are prepared for the thousands of high-demand, high-wage jobs coming to the region in the nursing field over the next decade.

“A single, citywide City Colleges nursing program will ensure that every student has access to the best possible program our City Colleges have to offer in a top notch training facility in the heart of the City,” said Chancellor Cheryl Hyman. “This new nursing program will bolster City Colleges of Chicago’s overall goal to provide students with high-quality educational programs that will prepare them for a career in a high-demand field.”

The new School of Nursing will build upon best practices across the City Colleges system and combine instructional talent and resources to provide Chicagoans access to one of the highest-quality and most affordable nursing programs in the state. 

The City Colleges School of Nursing is expected to open its doors in 2016, pending state approval, and will offer a two-year Associate in Applied Science in Nursing program to prepare students to take the exam to become a Registered Professional Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and will offer additional healthcare bridge programs. 

To help oversee the transition and ensure best-practice sharing among the nursing programs, City Colleges has named Dr. Tyra Ousley as the new head of nursing for City Colleges.  Dr. Ousley, a seasoned nursing clinician and educator, is the former head of the nursing program at Truman College, City Colleges’ highest-performing nursing program.

Part of the planned new School of Health Sciences, the new School of Nursing will offer students access to a virtual hospital environment, exposure to teacher-practitioners from leading healthcare employers and access to clinical rotations at major local hospitals and healthcare providers. City Colleges students will continue to be able to take pre-nursing courses at any one of the seven City Colleges before completing their program at the new School of Nursing. 

To begin the transition, Daley College will end its program after current nursing students complete next year.  New applicants will be directed to the remaining City Colleges nursing programs in the interim period. 

A free City Colleges shuttle bus service will launch in Fall 2014 to facilitate access to City Colleges locations and CTA trains and buses.

“This move is about targeting investment to ensure maximum returns for taxpayers and the best possible programs for students,” said Chancellor Hyman.  “While all colleges will continue to offer general education programs, College to Careers programs like manufacturing and nursing demand state-of-the-art technological investments and it is best to concentrate resources allocated to each program.”

Following Daley, the Truman College, Wright College and Malcolm X College nursing programs will merge into the new school in January 2016. City Colleges is committed to maintaining current faculty and staff in the nursing programs to help sustain quality and meet the expected increase in enrollment. The School of Nursing, with the capacity for 1,000 students, will enroll its first students in January 2016 at the new Malcolm X College School of Health Sciences. In Fall 2016, the new program will admit its inaugural first-year class.

Other City Colleges health care programs will move to the new School of Health Sciences in January 2016, and will continue to operate in their current locations until then.  Health Care bridges in adult education will remain in place at their current locations. City Colleges students will continue to be able to take pre-nursing and general education and pre-requisite courses at any of the seven City Colleges before completing their program at the new School of Health Sciences.  No positions will be eliminated in the other health care programs as a result of this consolidation.

Over the next two years, City Colleges will continue the extensive reforms it has already undertaken, which have yielded sustained high levels of achievement on the NCLEX (nursing licensure exam) at Wright College and Truman College and a nearly 20-percentage point increase in NCLEX scores since 2010 at Malcolm X College.

The City Colleges Fall 2014 nursing program application deadline of February 21, 2014 is fast approaching.  Students entering in the Fall of 2014 will graduate from the new program in the new school in 2016. For enrollment information, please visit this webpage​ or call 773-COLLEGE or go online to  ​​​​​​

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