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Dual Credit with CPS High Schools

​Through a partnership with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and City Colleges of Chicago, high school students can take courses for both high school graduation credit and college credit, free of charge.                           

Participating high schools offer CCC college courses that are General Education requirements for most degrees.  Students at these high schools typically have access to courses such as Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, English, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Mathematics, Physics and Social Sciences.  Courses are weighted as advanced placement courses and can enhance the G.P.A. of the students.                          

The goal of these courses is to provide rigor that will prepare students for the college experience. CCC works with each high school to ensure the courses meet the same standards as courses taken at a CCC campus. Dual Credit courses are taught by CCC-qualified instructors who require high school students to work at the college level and complete the same coursework as students at our college campuses.                           

Students who take these courses may find that colleges are very interested in students who have already proven their readiness for college by passing such courses prior to high school graduation. Students can then walk into college with several General Education classes completed, thus decreasing the time to college graduation and money needed for tuition!                         

Click here for the 2015-16 list of Dual Credit Course Offerings!​

How Do You Qualify?

  • Be a junior or senior in high school 
  • ​​​Submit a signed parental permission form
  • Submit a copy of your high school ID card
  • Take either the ACT or the COMPASS Placement Exam to demonstrate readiness for college level courses.  Students must meet or exceed the following scores in the desired subject area:
English score of 21 or above Reading score of 80 or above AND a Writing Sample with score of 8+
Math score of 21 or above​ Algebra score of 43 or above
    • Students who have not yet taken the ACT or who's score is below the minimum requirement will be given the COMPASS placement exam at their school to determine readiness for college level course work.

How Do You Enroll?

  • Speak with your counselor or college coach to determine if CCC Dual Credit is available at your high school
  • Confirm your readiness for college level course work via the ACT or COMPASS
  • Complete CCC application online 
  • Have a parent sign the permission form

 Once Enrolled. . .                         

 Dual Credit students will receive the following from their high school and CCC:                          

  • CCC student ID number
  • CCC photo ID
  • CCC student email account
  • A visit to CCC wihich will include an introduction and access to CCC student resources such as:
    • Tutoring
    • Advising
    • Career Counseling

Students in Dual Credit courses must pass the course with a grade of "C" or better to receive college credit for the course. If a grade of "D" is passing at a particular high school, the student will earn high school graduation credit, but not college credit.                        

To determine if your high school is a Dual Credit partner high school, click here​​ for List of CPS Dual Credit Partner High Schools. If your school is not yet a Dual Credit partner, you can ask your counselor for permission to take a Dual Enrollment course at a CCC campus. Click her​e for details.                        

The CCC/CPS Early College agreement allows Dual Enrollment students to transfer those courses back to their high school for graduation credit if that course requirement hasn't already been met. For more information on CPS/CCC course alignment as well as the Dual Credit program, call 312-553-2970 or email  ​​​​​​​​​​   ​​​