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Associate in General Studies (AGS)

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When you think of chemistry, you might think of atoms and bonds, bubbling beakers and smoking test tubes. In reality, chemistry students use mathematics, theory, and experimentation to study the matter that makes up physical substances. People working in the field of chemistry make valuable contributions in a range of fields, including medicine, biology, psychology, and geology. Follow the chemistry pathway and you’ll explore many different topics, from the chemical basis for life to the environmental problems caused by chemicals. The chemistry pathway leads to an associate degree which will allow you to transfer as a junior to a four-year college to complete your bachelor’s degree. You might become a pharmacist, scientist, forensics specialist, food scientist, dentist, materials engineer or hazardous materials specialist.

Details: Associate in General Studies (AGS)

Credit Hours (CH)


Program/Plan Number


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Program General Requirements

20 CH
See the GPS map for specifics and choose your courses with your College Advisor.

Program Core Requirements


Additional Requirements


Program Elective Requirements


Area of Focus


Focus Electives

40 CH
See the GPS map for specifics and choose your courses with your College Advisor.


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Natural Sciences

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