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Associate in Science (AS)

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​If you love science and want to inspire others to be independent thinkers, you might enjoy a career as a science teacher. The Chemistry Education pathway begins your preparation to teach chemistry to high school students. You’ll find yourself using computers to do research and interactive science lessons, and participating in activities that range from lab experiments to nature field trips. Most aspiring science teachers will need a bachelor’s degree and from an IL teacher certification program. Get started now by earning your associate degree from City Colleges, transfer to a four-year teacher certification program as a junior, and start a career in science education.

Details: Associate in Science (AS)

Transfer Pathway

Credit Hours (CH)


Program/Plan Number


Funding Options






Program General Requirements

37 CH
​See the GPS map for specifics and choose your courses with your College Advisor.

Program Core Requirements


Additional Requirements


Program Elective Requirements

23 CH
​See the GPS map for specifics and choose your courses with your College Advisor.

Area of Focus


Focus Electives



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Education Education

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