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Maintaining Financial Aid Eligibility

Actions that impact your financial aid award  

​Types of Courses
​​Changes to Enrollment
​Repeating Courses
​​Withdrawing from all courses (R2t4)
​Incomplete or missing documentation
​Enrolling after census
SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)
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Types of Courses impact your financial aid

FA Types of Courses (2).PNG

Changes to Enrollment impact your financial aid

FA How Enrollment Impacts 4.PNG

* If you have more specific questions about how enrollment impacts your financial aid, please contact the financial aid office at your college. 

Repeating Courses impacts your financial aid

FA Repeating Courses 3.PNG

Withdrawing from all courses (R2t4) Impacts your financial aid

Students who officially withdraw (WTH) before the 60% point of the semester, or are administratively withdrawn (ADW) from all of their financial aid eligible classes, will be required to return a portion of the Title IV funds they have received. Title IV funds include Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Direct Loans. The City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) will apply a federally mandated Return to Title IV calculation, "R2T4" to determine the percentage of financial aid the student has earned, which is based on the percentage of the term he/she completed.  


For the full R2t4 policy and description, click hereR2t4 Policy .pdfR2t4 Policy .pdf  


Incomplete or Missing Documentation impacts your financial aid

 FA Missing Documents 5.PNG

Enrolling after the Census Date impacts your financial aid

The Census date is the date at which your enrollment is established for financial aid purposes. Enrolling in a course after the census date makes that course ineligible for aid. 
FA Census 3.PNG
 *Please note, withdrawing from courses whether before or after census, will have a separate impact on financial aid awards 

Default impacts your financial aid

Students who are currently in a default on any student loan(s) are not eligible for Title IV funds. You must contact your lender/servicer and make arrangements to pay off your previous student loan. Generally you must make at least 6 consecutive monthly payments before you will be eligible for any Title IV funds.  

Verification impacts your financial aid

Verification is a process by which your college must review you and/or your parents’ tax information and possibly other information, to confirm the accuracy of the information you provided on your FAFSA. Verification is a random selection and requirement of the Department of Education. 
 FA Verification 2.PNG

SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Impacts your Financial Aid 

A student must maintain both qualitative and quantitative satisfactory academic progress, as defined in the City Colleges of Chicago Student Policy Manual, to be eligible for student financial aid funds. 

Qualitative satisfactory progress requires the student to achieve and maintain a minimum grade point average. Quantitative satisfactory progress requires the student to complete a minimum portion of his/her course work for each term and throughout his/her program of study. 

To view the specific details pertaining to our SAP policy, click on the following link to view the City Colleges of Chicago Student Policy Manual and go to page 20.

To learn more about SAP or appealing your SAP status, visit the SAP/Academic Standing Appeal Website.