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U-Pass for Part-time Students - A Pilot Program

Qualified part-time students can participate in a pilot program that provides a U-Pass for a one-time fee of $40.  
The U-Pass provides unlimited rides on the CTA through the end of spring semester.  
There will be a limited number of passes available on a first-come, first-served basis.  
In order to be eligible for this pilot U-Pass program, you must have completed one of the following steps:  
• Paid your Spring 2019 tuition in full  
• Signed up for a payment plan for you Spring 2019 tuition at   
• Have a financial aid award that will fully cover you Spring 2019 tuition   

To get your U-Pass, visit the Business Office at your college. The cost for your U-Pass will be $40. You may use your expected Financial Aid refund or cash to pay this fee.   

If you end up taking fewer than 9 credit hours this semester, you are no longer eligible for this U-Pass – it will be deactivated and your $40 fee will not be refunded.   

There will be opportunities throughout the spring semester to engage in student support activities, such as a set of short online financial literacy lessons, which will ensure you get priority access to a fall semester U-Pass, if you once again enroll in 9-11 credit hours. More information about those student support activities will be sent in an email to the participants in this pilot program. 


As always, U-Passes remain available to any full-time student.  





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